Kensington Prep 4+ Assessment Reception 2020

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Books2020 Sat 18-Jan-20 23:31:30

As Lolakath19 has said the schools that do a 4+ are looking for girls who are curious and keen to learn. In terms of the assessments firstly it’s important your daughter is happy to separate from you in the first instance. They will most likely ask her to write her name, follow some instructions (some schools will, for example, say can you put the toy under the red chair), threading beads often comes up, answering questions on a story they have been read, talking about their family, drawing shapes, lego often features too. The schools will try and make it a fun experience for your daughter! Good luck!

Lolakath19 Sat 18-Jan-20 23:03:15

Hello when is your daughter assessment. KPS is mainly looking at girls that are very curious and willing to learn ie a give it a go attitude. I believe assesment consists mainly of activities such as listening to a story and teacher asking questions group activities like puzzle and some drawing.

Londonmumof1 Fri 17-Jan-20 14:45:23

Hi all,

Are there any current KP parents who could give an insight into the assessment process? DD is very bright and it’s my first choice so I’m hoping to get some advice as to what they are looking for. It’s the first assessment for us as our two other school applications were non selective!
Thanks smile

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