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Starting school heard nothing

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1dilemma Wed 29-Aug-07 19:23:00

So first day of school is on Monday.We know where the school is(!) I guess it starts at 9am, but apart from a rumour that they do half days the first week we've heard nothing is that usual?
We don't know what time to collect, where from , what he needs to bring with him or anything really.
It does make me worry a bit about the schoo if they can't even get this little thing 'right'!(and those who are on their 5th child at school please don't tell me mot to worry there is nothing to it etc etc I know that but the school doesn't know that I know that!)

Kbear Wed 29-Aug-07 19:23:59

No meetings back in July for new starters, meet the teacher kind of thing?

Kbear Wed 29-Aug-07 19:24:36

What about ordering uniform etc? Didn't you worry before this grin?

ruddynorah Wed 29-Aug-07 19:26:02

why haven't you asked the school earlier on?!

littlerach Wed 29-Aug-07 19:26:05

That seems quite unusual.
When dd1 started last year she had a number of trial days before the summer break, plus a few letters re times, groups, unifrom.
And there were 2 parents evenings/days where you got to meet the teachers and look round the school.

Surfermum Wed 29-Aug-07 19:26:31

DD starts this year too. Back in June we had to go to an information evening and were given a whole pack of what uniform was needed, school procedures, times, all sorts. Dd went in before the holidays for half a day, when we were told about where to take her, dropping off and picking up arrangements, and before she starts in a couple of weeks her teachers are doing a home visit.

It does seem odd to me that you've heard nothing. Have you rung them?

AttilaTheMum Wed 29-Aug-07 19:26:44

Do you have contact details on the letter allocating your place? There will probably be someone in the school this week, or you could try their website.

professorplum Wed 29-Aug-07 19:29:25

When you accepted the place did you get a acknowledgment letter?

wheresthehamster Wed 29-Aug-07 19:29:46

That sounds very unusual. If nothing else you should have got something in the post.
Phone the school tomorrow morning. The staff maybe in doing prep and can at least tell you the basics! Also not all children start the first day in some schools - you need to know! Good luck.

LIZS Wed 29-Aug-07 19:30:16

Maybe they are sending stuff out atm , does seem unusual though . I expect the office would be open if you rang tomorrow. , and check there isn't an inset day(s) to take into account too .

wheresthehamster Wed 29-Aug-07 19:30:48

Ooops! Thought today was Thursday! blush Probably no one in until Friday

1dilemma Wed 29-Aug-07 19:31:51

Blimey guys thanks for quick replies ecpected everyoen to be reading stories grin
kbear yes to meeting it was c%$p didn't really tell us anything, if it did tell us when to collect them we missed it over the howl of babies (everyone elses not ours of course wink)
Ordered uniform at that meeting
Did worry a little and didn't ask them because of the very loooong holiday they've all just had.
Was thinking there might be someone in this week will try them just really wondered whether this was normal and having read the last few messages am now wondering whether we;re about to be told we have no place!!!!
I'm looking a bit pale now [weak smile]

1dilemma Wed 29-Aug-07 19:33:47

Place accepted Aprilish got in at same time everyone else. No inset that's half term (council website)
Start first day
oh help....

mummy2aaron Wed 29-Aug-07 19:51:41

DD got his place late - we changed our minds about the school we had chosen (long story) and so we missed the meeting and the information that was given out. When we called the head and asked starting info she said it's up to you we do half days for the first 2 weeks choose whether to start the first week mornings or afternoons, thats it. Different schools operate differently, if you were invited to the meeting then you are assured your child has a place, don't worry things will fall into place I am sure.

shergar Wed 29-Aug-07 23:59:42

That's very weird and disorganised of the school. Ring them tomorrow and politely ask what's going on/what times/what he needs to take, and mentally put a rocket under their arses. Useless!

1dilemma Thu 30-Aug-07 07:56:56

Thanks m2a and shergar I will ring them in a slightly less panicky way today. Sorry for going quiet last night everyone I suddenly felt very ill and went to bed!

1dilemma Thu 30-Aug-07 20:58:06

well no one answering the phone today.....
will try agan tomorrow

Califrau Thu 30-Aug-07 21:10:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

1dilemma Sat 01-Sep-07 00:58:49

will let you all know what happens on Monday mornng!!

mummytoamonkey Sat 01-Sep-07 15:52:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

1dilemma Tue 04-Sep-07 22:14:03

well promised to let you know and nearly did so via an amI being unreasonable,
we all got up, dressed dc in uniform, walked to school took loads of first day photos

as we got closer we thought this is really quiet, went in to find the playground full of cars! and paint pots!! we were just sayint to each other 'this doesn't look like a school about to get 300+ children back on their first day'

only for someone to come through the gate and say school doesn't start until Wednesday (then the headmistress came out just to rub it in!!)

poor poor child

so we went home for cake grin

However I am a bit pissed off the council says school starts on Monday, the school website, homepage and newsletter says nothing. At the open afternoon they didn't say (that we can remember)nor did the written stuff we got then!!Apparently the school wrote to us but I reckon about 25% of our post never makes it and I guess that was one!!
However looking on the brightside dh got a couple of days with the kids and we only get 3 days of 1/2 days not a week!! and we now know we've really got a place and we look mega keen!
However dh wont be able to pick up on first day now so he's a bit sad about that. Thansk for you help

TheBlonde Wed 05-Sep-07 20:17:10

Hope today went well then

1dilemma Wed 05-Sep-07 22:55:45

Yeah apart from the my name is mud since I was 8 minutes late for pick-up!! Bl$%&y bus driver probably thinks he's the nicest driver on the planet stopped about 4 times for people to run for the bus, let everyone turn left and right in front of him, stopped twice to let people off not at stops etc etc

Turned a 15 minute journey (to work this morning) into a 45 minute journey!!!!!!

Anyway dc says he'll go back tomorrow so that's a start looks like he'll be getting Spanish lessons as well !!!

Am just so cream crackered and behind with everything sorry

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