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poppy101 Wed 29-Aug-07 11:24:16

Please help needed have posted on TES but no one will help me.

Re: Literacy planning which is new to me - been out of the system a little while. Weekly planning is concerning me.

If I do a different independent activity each day with the children have them in 5 groups and work with 1 group a day on guided task.

Each group will miss out on one indepedent activity a week, does this matter ?

Help needed.

Many Thanks

3isthemagicnumber Wed 29-Aug-07 18:10:39

The important thing is that you get to work with each group in a focused activity at least once a week. We work on a two week rolling literacy plan- the first week is always a reading based week, so i will guided read with a group a day whilst the others are working on independent reading based activities, differentiated by group.These may be related to text, or phonics work and vary from the practical, to the information finding to the more straight forward phonics work, to the puppet show making for retells, to the letter treasure hunts etc. Each acticvity is sort of focused on the same L.O so doesnt matter if they only do 3/5 or 4/5 in a week. etc- they just need to be independently sustainable and of course with a clear lo. The second week of the Lit plan is the writing week, where although differentiated most children are working on the same activity/task/l.o. I will then work with each group on the task (one guided group a day) obviously if i am working with the guided group it gives more potential and opportunity to go futher in depth into the learning objective. So for example- if we have been looking at an adventure story, and are writing our own then we will share write as a class, we will come up with vocab lists, adjectives etc as a class then independently they will write the next section of their story- so day 1 set the scene/plan, day 2-start of story Day 3 first action, day 4 big exciting action, day 5 climax/end.
Hope this is not teaching grandmother to suck eggs!!! ( I teach year 1 btw) x

rapunzelle Fri 31-Aug-07 22:24:23

I would talk to your lit co-ordinator as soon as possible.
I have my answer, but it's very long. Happy to provide e-mail if you want a longer response.

louloutoo Sun 02-Sep-07 20:07:01

I was a lit-co before giving it up to look after my kids. I still teach but i don't know much about the new strategy so this could be useless.
However I would strongly advocate against having each group doing a different activity. I would provide differentiated tasks around the same objective. Still have a teacher focus group which changes each day and most importantly teach guided reading outside of the hour ( this however depends on your school and timetable issues)

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