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Reception starters ........workbooks idea

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samanthar Tue 28-Aug-07 16:44:26

for those concerned, as was in the news this morning, that, despite all the pre school funding ,children cannot hold a pencil etc etc these books are great.

just the right balance of pencil work or whatever and the right amount of stickers as a reward

anothing will,however, transcend the gender divide as dd twin has completed half a book while ds twin has done two page which is fine as up until now he has been reluctant even to open page one

whsmith have a apck of 5 of these for £4.97 which is about right

the orange ones for ages 3-5 are also good

Reallytired Tue 28-Aug-07 17:57:07

I think the truth is, that some pre school children cannot hold a pencil because they aren't ready. No amount of hot housing will make them capable of holding pencil.

Pre school education is about improving language and social skills rather than hand writing. Boys are often not developmentally ready to learn how to write.

They like to jump about and climb. At the ages of three to five children need to run about and improve their gross motor skills. The fine motor skills will follow.

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