Aylesbury Primary schools.. help please

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Mumof1G Mon 09-Dec-19 04:52:15


We are looking to relocate from London to Aylesbury as we have unfortunately been priced out of our area and the houses just aren't worth the money.

We are looking in Aylesbury, I found the watermead development which we have fallen in love with but the two schools that fall in our catchment would be a school deemed inadequate last year and a Catholic school which we wouldn't be able or want to really send our daughter to as we're not religious.

Any thoughts and anyone also had this issue.

There are other areas which fall within catchment areas for good schools but they seem to also be in areas that may be close to HS2 😣

Thank you in advance x

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Zodlebud Mon 09-Dec-19 09:42:04

Yep, unfortunately you have to make a decision between the dream house with not so great schools, or a less nice / smaller house in the catchment area of great schools in that area, particularly in London commuter towns.

It might be a while off but please do look at the catchment secondary schools. Being in Bucks means that whilst the grammars are amazing, the secondary options for those who don’t make the grade can be poor. Aylesbury Vale Academy for example was the school you REALLY didn’t want your kids going to. I believe it is on the up and it’s perhaps unfair to judge as it’s a brand new school, but believe me when I say secondary school allocations are much more stressful than primary.

Have you looked at Wendover? Has really decent primary and secondary schools. Tring (Herts) is also a good bet - spoiled for choice with primary schools and a great comp. The station is away from the town which means house prices are far cheaper.

As for HS2, some areas will be worse affected than others. Some places will have awful awful construction work for several years as they build tunnels and verges to minimise train noise and impact. So can you put up with that for a few years if you know that once it’s done it’s not going to be so much of an issue? The estate agents have copies of all the plans and it’s all available online.

Mumof1G Mon 09-Dec-19 10:12:56

Thank you so so much this input is appreciated so much. I will have a look at Tring and wendover. We have budget of 360k very max. Ideally want a 3 bed with a driveway. So I am hoping we're not being super optimistic. Watermead was absolutely beautiful but again yes secondary school wise it looks like only a grammar school and two Sen schools nearby
Such a tricky decision and yes I don't think I could put up with the noise for all those years 😔

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Zodlebud Mon 09-Dec-19 11:38:43

You might be better looking at Leighton Buzzard area too. Several of my friends have moved that way to get the better housing at a more realistic cost. Or further West, Princes Risborough or Chinnor. Even that far out your budget won’t get you much though.

Mumof1G Mon 09-Dec-19 12:01:58

Ah as I will still be commuting back to Uxbridge each day (crazy I know but work and childcare musts) I think Leighton buzzard may be too far. We looked at chinnor but not many work opportunities for my husband 😔 as he would have to get public transport as he doesn't drive. I shall have a look at places in wendover to see what places are there. And there is a couple of good schools it seems in Stoke Mandeville which had a few roads we liked .

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