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Northstar22 Wed 04-Dec-19 00:53:53

This is my first post on mumsnet. I am looking for tips and advice on how to make a smooth transition for me and my 5 year old, who is currently in Year 1 and will almost be almost mid year when we move house. We would be relocating to Clapham. Looking for recommendations for a good /outstanding school, how to go about requesting a look around the schools as I believe its past the period ( September /October , I assume is the preferred timeframe), any pointers on how to select a good school. My son is a bright kid, he takes his time to adjust to new schools as he is a bit coy, though we never had any trouble with him changing multiple playschools in the past( due to relocation).
Any advise from mums living in Clapham would be appreciated in terms of choosing a house close to a good/outstanding school. Thanks in advance.

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deendon Wed 04-Dec-19 01:12:18

You don't say where you're going to be living or whether you want private or state!

If it's going to be state for as long as I can remember it's been a case of desperately trying to find any school with a space rather than having a choice.

I havn't lived there for a wee while though!

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