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dprasu Thu 28-Nov-19 19:44:01

I am planning to move to Horsham, Could anyone suggest which schools are best and which place in Horsham is good to live,

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badgerhead Thu 28-Nov-19 21:58:49

Where you live inHorsham will decide which schools your children attend, however saying that I there are no awful schools in Horsham, although some are more popular than others.
Where you live depends on what sort of housing you like and what local facilities you prefer, would you need access to the station(s), there are two to choose from. Or are you needing access to the main roads out of Horsham and in what direction?
If your children are closer to secondary age then do you want coed or single sex schools, as due to the catchments here you need to be in the right catchment for the school you prefer, although that will hopefully be easing with the new secondary school that has now been opened in a current temporary location and due to move to its new premises for September 2021.

dprasu Fri 29-Nov-19 07:47:18

Thank you for the update. I am planning to move to Horsham by next month,
I will be working near rh12, have 2 kids one 6 years and my boy is just one year.
I have been once to Horsham for an interview, I need to explore more to find houses and school.

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badgerhead Fri 29-Nov-19 08:46:04

Ok, RH12 is the west side of the town, in that it is split postcode wise down the main railway line. So the town centre is RH12, but the other side of the station is RH13. Depending on where you will be working either North Horsham or the area around d Trafalgar are best for that postcode. I expect you will be looking for childcare for your youngest plus possibly before & after school for the older child. Some of the schools are full so that might make it more difficult for you. The most likely ones to have space are Trafalgar Infants and Arunside with possibly North Heath School. You would be unlikely to find a place at Holbrook School or All Saints School. Most of the schools have some form of out of school provision although they might be full. There is an active group of childminders in the town, www.octopuschildmindinggroup.co.uk which you can use for searching for childcare plus there are several nurseries, although how much space some of them have I am not sure. You are welcome to pm me to ask more.

DelurkingAJ Fri 29-Nov-19 13:55:28

If you’re in the villages outside of town itself then many have their own primaries. Don’t dismiss being ‘out of catchment’ as we are for my eldest and have applied for the youngest to be too (not because the catchment school is bad, we actively preferred our first choice).

dprasu Thu 19-Dec-19 14:01:00

Hi All,

thanks for your last update. I have got house near Tanbridge and moving to Horsham.
please suggest which schools are good.

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badgerhead Thu 19-Dec-19 14:45:53

The best school for you, which is catchment is Arunside School. This is a lovely primary school. For secondary Tanbridge is brilliant.


oohnicevase Thu 19-Dec-19 14:54:57

To be honest you will be lucky to get a place at all in any of the schools as a lot of them are full . There aren't really any bad schools in Horsham though. Secondaries are very full but they are building a new one soon so should be ok by the time you get there .

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