Sussex / Hove parents - advise required between Lancing Prep and St Christopher's

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DucklingT Thu 28-Nov-19 15:25:12

My daughter is currently in year 1 in a private prep school in SE London. I am from Sussex but haven't lived there for years and don't have any friends in the area who have a daughter in the private sector.

We are moving back down to the Hove area and I am in the process of looking at schools.I have whittled it down to Lancing Prep and St Christopher's and am really now pulling my hair out with the final decision.

I don't have any set Senior School in mind yet (she's only 6!!!!) but I want to keep as many doors open as possible. I can't say that I'd like her at Brighton College because who knows if she'd cope there. Equally, she perform wonderfully in her prep years and love the challenge of an academic environment - I have no idea. Her current Year 1 teacher says she's in the top group for maths and english but that she lives for her art and loves drama. She's sporty too. With regards to "homework" - well, she enjoys reading every night but the weekend challenges and written projects are generally met with an eyeball roll and a big sigh. This might not be a sign of things to come but rather a standard 6 year old's response?! lol!

I loved the grounds of Lancing Prep in Hove but I felt like they were feeding the majority of pupils into Lancing College and I've heard mixed reviews these days.
St Christopher's seemed a very stimulating place but a totally different atmosphere to Lancing Prep though I liked their leavers results with pupils seemingly heading to a variety of places.

I am really stuck. I realise this is a luxury position to be stuck in so please no unpleasant responses about private education :-(
I would just sincerely welcome any gentle pointers or up to date opinions on either or both schools.

Thank you to all for taking the time to read this.


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