Nessy touch typing course

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thehorseandhisboy Sat 23-Nov-19 13:15:39

Has anyone used this with their primary school aged child?

Ds aged 10 Y6 has been diagnosed with a processing disorder and will need to be using a laptop asap to be honest in order to keep up in the classroom and write essays etc.

I need to teach him to touch type and this looked like an accessible, well thought out programme.

Any experiences?

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Lara53 Sat 23-Nov-19 13:17:59

I use it at school with yr 4-6. They love it. I also taught my boys age 10+ with TTRS which is a fantastic program, but less fun

JellyBook Sat 23-Nov-19 13:19:28

I haven’t used Nessy, but just wanted to say my son’s school held touch typing sessions there - in fact insisted he passed tests to get his “licence” to use the laptop in classes. hmm

Perhaps the school can be of some help, are they aware of his difficulties and are they helping?

thehorseandhisboy Sat 23-Nov-19 14:46:37

Thanks both. TTRS looks good - he might think Nessy is a bit 'babyish' which he's highly alert to.

Jelly I've only just received the full report and taken on board that he really is going to need to learn to touch type asap.

I've got a meeting with school booked about adaptions, but I suppose this seems like something we can do at home.

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