SATS results help please

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zurala Tue 19-Nov-19 17:57:31

My dd is 10, summer born so youngest in year 6.

For the last year I've been concerned about her maths ability but School keep brushing me off.

I got given her SATS results at parents' evening tonight and her SS is 99 which i understand to mean she's not achieving what she should be, but School say it's fine

They also gave me her paper Raines but I wondered if anyone could explain them to me?

Paper 1: 26
Paper 2: 22
Paper 3: 8
Total: 56

I've no idea what is tested on each paper nor what they're marked out if but it looks very low and I'm very concerned.

Can anyone help explain it all to me?

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reefedsail Tue 19-Nov-19 18:31:33

Which year's test did she do because the thresholds have varied.

If it was the 2019 test:

Paper 1 26/40
Paper 2 22/35
Paper 3 8/35

She would have needed 58/110 to get SS 100, so she was 2 marks off. At this point in the year that's perfectly fine. She should easily make 100 by May.

She's obviously done a lot worse in Paper 3. How did they sit the papers- were they all back to back? She may just have got a bit of test fatigue.

DaisyDando Tue 19-Nov-19 18:41:25

Sounds fine!

zurala Tue 19-Nov-19 19:02:46

Yes the 2019 papers and they sat them on different Days spread out.

Does each paper contain a mix of English and maths? Is there any way of knowing how her maths and English results would look?

Thanks for all the help?

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reefedsail Tue 19-Nov-19 19:35:52

The papers are freely available to download so you can look:

FuckOffBoris Tue 19-Nov-19 19:53:55

The school say it is fine because it is - they probably haven't completed the whole syllabus yet, she has six months to go

Jubilation Tue 19-Nov-19 20:15:48

She needs to score 100 by May Sats so she's doing fine in fact she should be a pupil who is targeted to achieve Greater Depth. If you have concerns, are there specific areas you feel she needs help on? The most difficult aspect to the maths tests is Reasoning and Problem Solving.


LoonyLunaLoo Tue 19-Nov-19 20:18:45

That looks like just maths and if she’s 2 marks off average now, she’s likely to be way over in May. They haven’t covered all of the curriculum yet!

Zinnia Tue 19-Nov-19 20:55:53

It's fine. My DD passed those papers in May and you should have seen her scores in the Autumn term! They are unlikely to have completed the syllabus yet, as PPs have said. The staff will make sure she gets there by the time she does the exam!

Russell19 Tue 19-Nov-19 20:56:32

The papers are mathsx3 which are the scores you have got.
Then there is a spelling test, grammar test and 2 reading tests.

spanieleyes Tue 19-Nov-19 20:59:35

The first paper is an arithmetic one, she will certainly increase her score on that one as it is basically the same questions each year , just with different numbers!
The second two papers are the reasoning ones. Last summer, many of my children scored less on the third paper than the second, it had some tricky concepts. However she will easily pick up enough marks overall to get a comfortable "Expected Standar"d by May

spanieleyes Tue 19-Nov-19 21:00:31

Just one reading paper in Yr 6.

zurala Tue 19-Nov-19 21:14:25

Thanks everyone! That's reassuring. SATs are totally alien to me so I was just completely confused and as I do have concerns about her maths I wanted to be sure I understood.

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