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imalloutofideas Thu 17-Oct-19 20:46:13

If a 5 year old is on orange books in year 1 is that considered behind or on track?

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brilliotic Fri 18-Oct-19 13:06:53

Seeing the great variation with which schools deal with book bands, that is a bit of a 'how long is a piece of string' question.

This will give you a very general overview. From that perspective, orange is roughly 'end of Y1' level but some children will reach orange in YR, and some others not until Y2.

- The book bands don't really fit with the phonics the school should be teaching
- Some schools/teachers move children onto harder bands sooner (e.g. when they are ready to perhaps give it a go), others later (e.g. when previous band is completely mastered, meaning it can be read fluently, correctly, with understanding and expression, within 2 minutes or some such)

So it is impossible to answer your question OP.

wtftodo Fri 18-Oct-19 13:48:12

At our school, the most able readers (exceeding in eyfs) have been on green since Easter in reception. So as a previous pp says, it depends on the school. My DD can comfortably (fluently, perfect expression and comprehension) read turquoise and beyond but official band is green. Another child started reception reading chapter books independently but is on green. In general orange in term on of Y1 must be good, though, rather than behind.

imalloutofideas Fri 18-Oct-19 22:22:52

Oh it doesn't sound like we're using the same system. Ours goes red, green, purple, pink, orange, yellow, blue, grey I think.

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TinyBean Sun 20-Oct-19 17:30:57

Ours goes red, green, purple, pink, orange, yellow, blue, grey I think.

This might be phonics level. My dd is on yellow (which I think is the highest group in the class) but orange band for reading.

MrsLJ2014 Sun 20-Oct-19 17:41:49

imalloutofideas That sounds like Read Write Inc books not bookbands.

MrsLJ2014 Sun 20-Oct-19 17:42:43

And orange Read Write Inc at this point of the year is good!


imalloutofideas Sun 20-Oct-19 22:39:46

Yes it's read write inc (i remember now!) ...

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