need help with interviewing NW3 school

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KatyRyan Fri 11-Oct-19 16:34:09

Hi mums, We are just told to have an assessment with Hereward house this December for 2021 entry. My DD will just turn 3 this December. My husband and I have been working in London for 8 years, but the education system is still a very new thing here for us, as we have no family here.

So we are getting a little stressed now, could you please kindly give us some tips for the Hereward House school interview? By far, Hereward House is our first choice, I really like the manor of those little boy here, all very confidence and polite (walk pass the school few times at the pick up time); while it is also our first assessment, complete no experience on this

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CruCru Mon 14-Oct-19 11:18:00

Hi KatyRyan

At this stage I should think the school just wants to find out what sort of family you are. You really want your son to do well and be happy at school - say this.

I’m sure it’s a typo but you’ve written DD - this school is for boys only.

Kathy11 Tue 15-Oct-19 14:46:40

They will want to see how your DD engages and relates to other children....and what sort of family you are. Assessments are generally informal at age 3 - so nothing to worry about.

If Hereward House doesn't work out - Heathside NW3 is definitely worth a look. My brothers Children started there in September and I'm hearing great things about their new Head....really turned the school around and huge investment. Worth a look!

Good Luck.

afewtoomanychoices Tue 15-Oct-19 20:48:42

Well currently Heathside has been a massive turnoff point for most people with countless leaving. So personally I would avoid for a bit until they get on their feet again, but great to hear its better. Have a look at Lyndhurst too?

barbfoster1x Wed 16-Oct-19 22:58:41


Kathy 11 - I agree its definately worth a look. We left Heathside last year under the old Head, but its been taken over by Dukes and we are going back in January!

KatyRyan - Its all depends what you are looking for. Heathside Prep is not the typical NW3 school - with exam factory pressure. Its just the sort of place children are able to florish.

My daughter cant wait to return! I am so releived.

KatyRyan -

Kathy11 Wed 16-Oct-19 23:26:42

I hear good things about Lynhurst too.

Really depends what you are looking for for your child's education.

For my sons - I looked at at least 6 before making my choice. Every child is different and every parent wants different things from a school.
Personally - I think happy children, enjoy school and get a love of learning. This is far more important in life, than being spoon fed information to pass exams.

barbfoster1x Tue 12-Nov-19 20:18:50

Hi Katy Ryan

Just wonderfing how the interview went.

I met Pascale their Head at a social last week - he seemed lovely.



KatyRyan Tue 12-Nov-19 21:50:17

We went to the Lyndhurst open day, the boys there are lovely, but not sure about their teachers.........

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