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suffolkmom Mon 30-Sep-19 20:51:35

Hi Mums,

I've just moved to the countryside- near Long Melford (from London) grin I have a lo in reception and am wondering where to send him. He is shy and quite nervous in big crowds so I think a small class size would suit him. He also loves the outdoors which I'm sure there is no shortage of in Suffolk! I just want him to settle in easily, be a happy kid and receive attention from caring teachers.

Anyway- If you could recommend any school in the west Suffolk area- where would that be? We are so confused!

I'm not keen on a full time boarding school - but then again I wouldn't entirely rule it out if it was at a school he thrived in and was flexible. At 4yo it's just too much to bear thinking of him not sleeping in his own bedsmile

We have tours set up for Old Buckenham Hall (OBH), South Lee, Barnardiston Hall, Moreton and Culford. Any advise welcome!!! smile

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MeanLaQueefer Mon 07-Oct-19 00:58:15

Pm’d you

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