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paul2louise Thu 12-Sep-19 18:32:51

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I am asking parents or teachers at large schools. Do they wash their hands before they eat. I can understand that expecting a school of over 400 children that this is quite a difficult process to set in place. I work at a large school where my son attends. Thanks

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Lindor Thu 12-Sep-19 18:53:07

I work in lots of different schools, and children are usually sent to wash hands before lunch. A few places just use antibac hand gel instead.
How well the children wash their hands is another question!

paul2louise Thu 12-Sep-19 18:58:50

I don't see any handwashing in practice at all. Foundation and year 1 might be encouraged to go toilet and then wash hands but as for year 2 upwards. Hand washing in non existent. I feel like a trouble causer when I mention hygiene. I studied food science and used to work as a food technologist. It makes me feel bad knowing how mucky kids are. My son is a prime example. Tries to get away with little or no handwashing. Just caught him a few mins ago which is why I thought I would ask this question

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Aragog Thu 12-Sep-19 19:05:40

Do they wash their hands before they eat.?

I work in an infant school - reception to year 2 - and before lunch all children are sent into the toilets to wash and dry their hands, before going into the dining hall. They go class by class and are supervised by the lunchtime assistants.

Before snack most of our classes have an anti bac foam which the children use before getting their fruit.

I would have hoped by junior age they wouldn't need supervision for washing their hands.

Jbraise Thu 12-Sep-19 19:59:19

Sent to the toilets to wash hands x

Norestformrz Sat 14-Sep-19 12:35:19

All children sent to wash their hands and in Reception Y1 & Y 2 staff check they are clean before the children go into the dinner hall.

Saltisford Sat 14-Sep-19 13:00:13

I work in a big primary school - 650 pupils plus. The dinner ladies give the children hand gel before eating


paul2louise Sat 14-Sep-19 19:43:55

Saltisford I might have to suggest that. I really can't see how else you can get such a large number of children to wash their hands. Smaller schools no problems but seating the large numbers is a logistic nightmare let alone getting them to wash their hands

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bobstersmum Sat 14-Sep-19 20:03:51

My dc school has over 600 children, as far as I can work out they don't wash their hands. I thought it was just what school was like, I absolutely hate the thought of it but now I know its not normal I may mention this to the school.

paul2louise Sat 14-Sep-19 21:12:06

Bobstersmum exactly. It's only really just occurred to me as my son goes into year 4 and spends on average 20 mins in playground before going inside for his lunch. I know for a fact at home he escapes hand washing if I don't catch him. Then a note in newsletter comes out on Friday about bugs and illness and keeping kids off for 48hrs and it made me think

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Mamabear12 Sun 15-Sep-19 06:23:07

I think at least during the early years they get them to wash hands before eating. But my son has admitted to not washing hands after using toilet at school. I was horrified . Feel like the school is covered in germs. However, that being said I never washed my hands growing up - and I was NEVER sick. From age 6-17 never vomited and no tummy bug, never a fever and maybe a cold like once or twice. In my adult life again, rarely sick etc etc. Knock wood. Although, since having kids I’ve become big on handwashing. But I would say first 28 years of my life I was very relaxed on it. Would ride the tube and eat w out washing hands or using hand gel 😳 now I would never.

Hayleybeanmoon Wed 05-Feb-20 07:41:13

Funny I have just had this conversation with my 7 and 11 year old and was shocked as they told me that no one washes their hands before lunch only after using the toilet.
I emailed the school asking what their policy was and reminded them of ofsted guidelines section 3 and the importance especially since the new virus. I received an email back saying that they talk about it in assembly and that was basically it. I’ve emailed
Them back and asked do they have the opportunity to wash their hands when the whistle is blown. Waiting for a reply. Hand washing stations are every where now so I’m very concerned learning that they are not putting it into place it’s just common sense! I will be sending my children in with hand gel ( which will get them into trouble )

NomNomNomNom Wed 05-Feb-20 10:14:57

My Dc go to a small school. They do wash hands before lunch as a matter of course but they have a morning snack and don't wash their hands before that (and eat it while playing on a muddy field so god knows what else gets in).

NarwhalsNarwhals Sat 08-Feb-20 11:13:35

My school has 420 children

EYFS/KS1 we have washing up bowls that the class TA fills and puts out and they are sent up a group at a time and supervised washing hands before snack and before going to lunch. (All our classrooms have a sink)

KS2 they are sent a row at a time to wash hands for snack but aren't supervised, lunchtime they have a chance to wash their hands and a TA gives a squirt of hand gel as they go into the hall

In contrast, daughters old school had 110 children and lunchtime assistants but apparently it was unrealistic to expect them to even remind them to wash hands.

ByAppointmentTo Sat 08-Feb-20 11:19:20

My dc both complain that there is rarely soap in their school toilets. sad

Awkward1 Sat 08-Feb-20 18:41:50

I really do not think they should all wash their hands in 1 bowl ! envy
I think schools need more supervision of hand washing in eyfs/ks1. Actually even preschool does not supervise.
Running water.
However unless on sensors even the taps are likely germy.
Today at soft play there was poop on the toilet roll holder.

AllMouthandTrousers Sat 08-Feb-20 18:46:10

The lunch queue should pass a sink....

CaptainKirksSpikeyGhost Sat 08-Feb-20 20:33:40

Why have you copied and pasted the opening post from Netmums?

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