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Baobab2020 Fri 11-Dec-20 00:09:12

From our experience, I think the Prep school at Fulham School is very good, but I would agree the Senior School had some issues under the headmaster who has left. The new head seems well organised and efficient and is progressing the school quite well now it seems. The ambitions for the Senior School are quite big. I do think the Prep School under Mr Lunnon is great and we've been pleased.

Lovelychocs Fri 31-Jan-20 00:06:50

@ Australia77 If you want a nurturing not too academically pushy school you should also look at Hampshire School and Redcliffe School. Both are in the Chelsea area.

HyperHippo Tue 28-Jan-20 21:24:29

I second the comments on Fulham Prep/Senior being quite a mess.

I hear fab things about Newton as long as your child is going to be OK in a big cohort.

Ibstock I hear mixed reviews so it may be a marmite school or may have improved. Worth looking into.

AustralianAbroad Sat 18-Jan-20 22:28:48

Hi, I'm curious to know which school you chose and how the experience has been so far?

We went with Fulham Prep when we moved to London in 2018 and have since pulled the kids out. The new senior school was appalling in so many ways. The Prep not as awful but still a few issues with Neil Lunnon the third Head in as many years. He's a really friendly guy but delegated and did not follow through with the issues that we raised which meant none of our concerns were dealt with. Lots of little problems adding up very quickly.. really, the state school our kids attended in Sydney was miles better and made us all so homesick. Lots of turnover with teachers and students which is why we were able to secure places for all four of our children, a red herring I didn't understand at the time.

We've since found places for three of my kids at NLCS and CLS but still trying to find long term solution for my son - he missed 11+ (and therefore some 13+) while at Fulham so we're working towards the few 2021 13+ we've found/suit us but still trying to find more options..

I've heard that Knightsbridge School is extending to Year 11 so quite keen to hear more and recent feedback of the school.

I know nothing of Newton Prep, was not taken with SBI (Also, there was a very serious incident which affected children in one of the years in which we have a child) but now know a few families with children at Ibstock who are very happy there. Unfortunately it's much too far for us.

I hope London has been wonderful for you all thus far - moving when the kids are younger is definitely much easier! We love it here and plan to stay long term.. we're all slowly forgetting that traumatic first year of school smile

Australia77 Wed 11-Sep-19 04:56:28

Hi, we are relocating from Australia to London at the end of this year. One of the schools we are seriously considering is Knightsbridge School. We are doing a tour of it in October when we visit. We are looking for a nurturing, relaxed school where our kids will be able to learn, but not in a super strict, overly academic environment. So far I have been very impressed with the contact with the school. My kids would be going into Years 2 and 4 and both are well adjusted kids but neither are academic superstars (or not yet anyway). My son who is almost 9 really needs a nurturing positive environment because he suffers from a lack of confidence and wouldn’t do well in a pushy or super competitive environment. Feedback welcome. Other schools we are looking at are Fulham School, Newton Prep (but admissions process seems onerous), Ibstock (too far out perhaps?) and South Bank International School. Any and all input and feedback welcome.


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