Summer born defferment to September 2021

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MrsElizabethShelby Tue 10-Sep-19 18:35:40

I want my DC2 to start reception the term after they turn 5, so September 2021.

When do I send the letter? What do I put in it?

They have just started at nursery.

Anyone know how this could effect early years funding?

I have checked my council website but other than 'send your request in writing to this address' it doesn't give much more detail.

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HJWT Tue 10-Sep-19 18:41:45

@MrsElizabethShelby do you mean your DC will turn 5 in the summer and then start school the september (2021) ?

Just put in the letter your reasoning and why you feel it will benefit your child, I know 99% of school's though then put the child straight into year 1 🤔

Not sure how funding will work either! People often ask me if my DD is due to start school but her birthday is September so she starts and turns 5 straight away (another 2 years!!) , so don't really see the difference if your DC turns 5 July/August time and then starts xx

Noconsent Tue 10-Sep-19 20:28:48

You need the Facebook summer born group

MrsElizabethShelby Tue 10-Sep-19 20:33:15

No, they are 4 next July 2020 and would be expected to start in reception in the September. I want them to start in reception in September 2020.

@noconsent I'm afraid I'm not on facebook

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Noconsent Tue 10-Sep-19 20:33:18

MrsElizabethShelby Tue 10-Sep-19 20:34:04

Start in reception at age 5 in September 2021 rather

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HJWT Wed 11-Sep-19 07:04:46

@MrsElizabethShelby Yes so there is probably 4-8 weeks between our DC but because mine was born beginning of Sept she won't start until 2021! I think its ridiculous personally.

Iv not heard of anyone be able to push for them to start in reception, I know you can skip a year but then they will usually start in Y1, my niece was August born and my sister decided to send her in the end so she wouldn't be left out with making friends when everyone else did.


TapDanceJazzHands Wed 11-Sep-19 08:51:27

You really need to join the Facebook page. It's so clear, I think if I attempted it alone I wouldn't know where to start.

We are also embarking on this journey. I'm writing to schools this month. Following the headteacher response I will write to local authority.
But every local authority does things a different way. Some will accept your request straight away and write the the schools for you. Whereas some leave you fighting for it until the bitter end.

TapDanceJazzHands Wed 11-Sep-19 08:53:27

@HJWT within the schools admission code summer born children can attend school from 5 commencing in Reception. It is a legal policy. You just need to demonstrate how it's in the child's best interest.
(Although many headteachers do not know this.)

meditrina Wed 11-Sep-19 08:57:24

It will rather depend as n your LA's policy.

Theyhave to give every request individual attention, but they do not (as present) have to say 'yes'. You can of course keep your DC at home until they reach compulsory school age, but if LA do not agree, they would then join their age cohort, which for your Wouk mean going into Year 1 in September.

Others agree more readily. You need to get agreement that you can apply for 2021 in writing before applications for 2020 close.

Do remember that you can defer entry within the school year, so even if you cannot secure consent for reception in 2021, he could start school in January or April.

PeaOp Wed 11-Sep-19 09:09:35

Join Facebook just to join the group. All the documents and information you need are on the page and you can search for others in your local authority area who have already done this/ are going through it now.

You have a legal right to start at csa and if the school want you to start in yr 1 they have to prove why it is beneficial to your child to miss a year. Hard to argue when they all state how important reception is and attendance...

It’s all there in the group. Really helpful.

Noconsent Wed 11-Sep-19 09:42:28

Agree. Just join Facebook.

MrsElizabethShelby Wed 11-Sep-19 13:35:50

I won't be joining Facebook guys sorry. Won't be going into my reasons.

If anyone is able to post advice here I would really appreciate it.

Thank you @meditrina

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northdevonnewbie Fri 13-Sep-19 14:19:14

The Facebook group also have a website. Might help. If you want to message me I can send you some files. Or post a query for you n FB.

northdevonnewbie Fri 13-Sep-19 14:36:41

northdevonnewbie Fri 13-Sep-19 14:38:54

So you wouldn't apply for a school place til next year, is that right? So next year, when the admissions windows open for "normal" Reception entry (ie age 4) you follow your local authority's guidance for requesting a summerborn deferral. So for me, that was seeking agreement from individual heads and submitting an extra form detailing which schools I had requested a CSA start from, as well as submitting a normal application form. Once I had agreement from heads my application was withdrawn for this year. Your LA might be different.

MrsElizabethShelby Fri 13-Sep-19 20:02:05

Ok so should I still apply this year?

I've begun the letter to the admissions team but I should be writing to head teachers as well?

Surely this should not be this difficult

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northdevonnewbie Fri 13-Sep-19 20:22:37

It depends on where you live!

Middledistancerunner Fri 13-Sep-19 22:21:31

Op : here is a complicated question I need help with.
Everyone : here is a group that can help you
OP: no. I will not join that group. Help me although I will not help myself.

Littlefish Sat 14-Sep-19 12:04:38

You need to apply for a school place in the normal way, as though yup child was going to start in September 2020. Then, when you've been offered the place, arrange to go and speak to the head teacher to request deferral, also providing your request in writing. The head teacher will look into your request, involve the nursery teacher or early years lead (if it's a school nursery) and then discuss it with the Local Authority. It is then up to the head teacher (usually) to make the decision.

That's how it works in my local authority, but I'm not sure whether it's the same everywhere.

Coldilox Sat 14-Sep-19 16:37:08

We’ve just done this, my 5 year old has just started reception out of cohort.

The process depends on where you live. The FB group is a mine of information, there will be people there from your LA who can advise. I can only suggest you join is, as all the info and support available there cannot be put into a single post here.

MrsElizabethShelby Sat 14-Sep-19 22:54:09

Piss off @middledistancerunnner. You really can't think of any reasons I might not want to be on social media?

Thank you to everyone who had helped so far.
I will email the head of the school he will be attending and go from there.

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meditrina Sun 15-Sep-19 07:49:45

'Then, when you've been offered the place, arrange to go and speak to the head teacher to request deferral, also providing your request in writing'

That works if you are deferring to January or April.

You cannot however hold a place over from one academic year to the next.

You need to ascertain now, and get in writing, that an application for you DC will be accepted in next year's reception admissions round. If the answer is 'no' you will then still have time too apply this year (and try to get them to reverse the decision)

Middledistancerunner Sun 15-Sep-19 08:19:31

@MrsElizabethShelby I can’t think of a reason why someone as clever as yourself can’t make up a fake profile, get the help you require, then delete the account. Other than laziness.

If you’re this in flexible now you are going to find the school system a hell of a fight for the next 13 years. Quite a lot of teacher / parent communication is done via apps now.

SophyStantonLacy Sun 15-Sep-19 08:20:44

Our process also was the same way round as Meditrina describes.

Are you willing to say which LA, OP?

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