Bishop Gilpin Primary Open Applications

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Savis Sun 04-Aug-19 03:51:09

As now is a summer holiday and I cannot call the school and ask them and just wouldn’t wait until September I was hoping to find some BG mums here. We live 130m from the school gate and I was wondering what are the chances of our DD getting in with an open application?

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Pud2 Sun 04-Aug-19 09:33:06

What do you mean by an open application? Is this for September? Presumably this isn’t for a reception place? You can ring Merton Pupil Services for advice on applying to the school and, unless it's voluntary aided or an academy, they’ll be able to tell you if there are spaces, or put you on the waiting list.

Savis Mon 05-Aug-19 15:48:34

It’s a voluntary aided school, Church of England. They have 60 places, 30 “foundation” places for children, who got a parent that regularly goes to church, specifically to ones within Wimbledon for at least 2years and 30 “open” spaces for children, who don’t have such a dedicated worshiping parent. The open spaces are allocated as in a normal funded school, based on siblings, distance.. as their catchment for the open spaces is quite narrow ( I have read an article about a girl that lived within 270m and did not get a place!) and wondered if there is a mum with a child that got into Bishop Gilpin in the precious years and how far they were living from the school.

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