Uniforms - David Luke v Rowlinson

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Auntybella Fri 26-Jul-19 14:11:51

So we have to buy our own jumpers this year and iron/sew on the badge.

Does anyone have a preference, David Luke or Rowlinson? Any other brands to consider please?

What is your favourite high street uniform retailer for sweatshirts?


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4strings Sat 27-Jul-19 15:05:22

Um, Asda? Always seems hard wearing and cheap, too.

Auntybella Sat 27-Jul-19 18:46:47

Thanks- I've never bought sweatshirts from there (it previously had to be bought from school shop) so no experience of high street shops for sweats.

I do buy school T-shirt's and trousers from the supermarkets so no idea why I didn't think to try there.


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CruCru Wed 31-Jul-19 14:06:20

What colour are the jumpers?

Auntybella Wed 31-Jul-19 16:13:10

They're red @CruCru

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PantsyMcPantsface Wed 31-Jul-19 16:47:42

Honestly - especially if they're red... go cheap and cheerful and it'll be less painful when they come home covered in whiteboard pen marks you can never get off.

Auntybella Thu 01-Aug-19 06:34:23

@PantsyMcPantsface thank you. Do you know if you can take off iron on badges and reuse them? I'm just thinking if ruined I can then just transfer to another one.


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Lara53 Thu 01-Aug-19 09:18:47

M&S jumpers always lasted well for us in Primary

thislovelylidowithaview Fri 02-Aug-19 18:32:15

You could cut it off and use some more iron on webbing stuff to stick it to the next one, if you'd rather not sew it.

Auntybella Fri 02-Aug-19 20:12:41

@thislovelylidowithaview thank you!

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