Foundation phase indicators...can anyone explain please?

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j22xx Fri 26-Jul-19 12:34:45

We had the results from daughters tests( YR 2) She had 2 4's and a 5 but then the foundation phase indicator said....N which looking at it says Code N: Not awarded a level for reasons other than disapplication

Does anyone know what it means ?

Thanks xx

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LetItGoToRuin Fri 26-Jul-19 15:39:26

I have a primary aged child but really don’t understand much of the information you've provided. Are you in England?

When you say ‘foundation phase’? I can only assume Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which ends at the end of Reception.

Did you mean Key Stage 1 (which ends at the end of Y2)?

4s and 5s don’t mean anything to me. At the end of KS1 it should be choice between three levels which should be something like:

•Not reached the standard
•Reached the standard
•Working at greater depth

The results of the KS1 SATs aren’t automatically given out to parents but some schools do give them out, and others have to tell you if you ask. Anyway, they would be either ‘actual’ scores (eg a mark out of 60 for maths, 40 for reading etc. or ‘scaled’ scores ranging from 85 to 115, with a mark of 100 being reaching the required standard.

I would guess that N might mean they didn’t get enough questions right on one of the tests to reach the minimum scaled score of 85.

Can you provide some more information?

Walkingbkwrm Fri 26-Jul-19 17:43:55

I am assuming you are in Wales? From memory I think you need at least a 5 (nominally the expected level) in all of first language (English or Welsh), Maths and Personal development/ well being to get a yes for overall outcomes. N doesn’t mean not awarded a score it means not met expected standard.

j22xx Sat 27-Jul-19 18:57:41

Yes sorry we’re in Wales, yes it’s key stage 1 but on the results page it says ‘Foundation phase indicator’

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j22xx Sat 27-Jul-19 19:00:33

Thank you walkinggbkwrm yes we are in Wales thanks for the explanation when I spoke to the teacher she didn’t have a clue, on the bottom of the resultS page it says not awarded I think maybe they need to put more information for parents to be able to understand the results x

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