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hvf04 Thu 25-Jul-19 13:52:09

Hi all,

Admissions question for the experts. We currently do not live in the UK, but have a potential move coming up. We would be moving in-year, so I understand state schools will likely be full, or in the summer (and they'd still be full). One perk of moving mid-year is that we would meet the reception deadline for our youngest. Our oldest would miss the Secondary deadline in October.

If my husband moved over before the school deadlines, could he apply for schools for the kids and then we move them over when their school in the states is out in the summer (or homeschool them in the UK until it’s time to start school in the fall?)

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admission Thu 25-Jul-19 17:06:58

Unfortunately he cannot apply because the rule is based on the address that the children are living at and so until you have moved and have a UK address no application will be accepted by most LAs.
If you are in the military or are crown servants returning from oversea posting then the regs are a bit different providing you have an official relocation date and quartered area address

stucknoue Thu 25-Jul-19 17:21:55

You can only apply once the kids are resident, they do have to offer you a place, then you can go on the wait list for a different school if you aren't happy. Most primary schools are ok but secondary is more hit or miss, not unlike the US. The availability depends a lot on where you are moving too, London has more problems than elsewhere. I would move when it's right for your family rather than trying to worry about admissions

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