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Confused16 Wed 24-Jul-19 12:16:40

Looking for recommendations for the best name labels to use? This thread is from quite some time back so wondering if anyone has some recent suggestions?

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Flurgle Wed 24-Jul-19 12:18:19

I’m a teacher and I would and did just use a Sharpie. Check to see they are not washing off occasionally. Thank you for labelling stuff grin

AlrightDonald Wed 24-Jul-19 12:36:09

I used a sharpie too. So much easier to just write on the labels.

BrokenWing Wed 24-Jul-19 12:38:12

Been there, iron in are a waste of time. Sew in a pain in the arse. Stick on don't stay stuck.

Sharpie is the best, also does shoes.

BrokenWing Wed 24-Jul-19 12:40:28

stamps can be ok sometimes, but really a waste of money, dry out quickly/aren't flexible on size/shape if labels are funny sizes.

GookledyGobb Wed 24-Jul-19 12:44:02

I’ve used a variety of label methods this year and I’ve found stick on ones that did stay stuck and I’ve reordered them for both kids for next year. They’re from tinyme - I just stick them on the clothes label and not one has come off this year through lots of washing and tumble drying in winter too

PantsyMcPantsface Wed 24-Jul-19 14:21:01

I do sew in ones for as much as I can muster the motivation for, then resort to a mix of stickins and sharpie as motivation wanes. Even when I sew one in I also sharpie the name alongside it after having incidents where jumpers have been nicked and the name label cut out.


Sirzy Wed 24-Jul-19 14:22:13

I get the super tags from nametags4u

Ds is going into year 5 and stickers that where added in reception are still going strong. Work on anything

ritzbiscuits Wed 24-Jul-19 15:45:01

These are fantastic and I've already reordered another batch

They stay stuck on anything, and aren't too big so fit on a variety of clothes labels, also good for accessories like hats, gloves etc.

Personally, I can't seem to get Sharpie to work for me. Often seems to bleed on the clothes labels and looks a mess.

I also add additional sew in labels for expensive items e.g. logo'ed jumpers/polo shirts, coats. We have the rainbow ones so they're easily identifiable for my DS.

PencilPen Fri 26-Jul-19 07:37:21

I used stick on ones. Stick them on tags or labels and they are fine. None of them gets off so far.

AtleastitsnotMonday Wed 31-Jul-19 17:08:07

Sew in really are the best for staying put but obviously take more effort. That said once they are done the don’t go anywhere (unlike iron on). Stick ins are good for things with care label but more and more things seem to be doing away with labels and print directly on garment and stick ins wash off if used on fabric including things like socks.
I spend an afternoon an hour at the sewing machine and don’t have to think of it for the year. Added advantage being much clearer than sharpie.

AtleastitsnotMonday Wed 31-Jul-19 17:11:08

What a crap paragraph, no idea where the commas went! And I spend an hour one afternoon, not the whole afternoon!

vinoandbrie Sat 10-Aug-19 13:44:47

I use these and am happy with them

Caaarrrl Sat 10-Aug-19 14:35:52

I got iron in ones printed with the kids names. They stayed for the whole of the life of the garment and never faded. Look on eBay

Caaarrrl Sat 10-Aug-19 14:37:32

And as a primary teacher - thank you to all parents who label in any way whatsoever! Lost track of how many times I've been asked to look for missing uniform. Does it have name in? I ask. No, replies parent! Argggh!

OrangeSwoosh Sat 10-Aug-19 14:38:36

I use Petit Fernand for nursery. Buy the mixed pack of clothes, shoe and item labels. They've all lasted well.

shivbo2014 Sat 10-Aug-19 14:40:23

I use the stickers and they have lasted the whole year...

Cockadoodledooo Sat 10-Aug-19 14:51:55

Sharpie every time.

As well as writing on labels, on jumpers I also label them inside the sleeve. Was a tip from another mum who'd had a few go walkies then turn up with the label snipped out..

hairyturkey Sat 10-Aug-19 15:17:12

Petit fernand stickers are good, so easy. They just stick on the care labels. Wash well.

Me33 Sat 07-Sep-19 16:34:46

I bought stickers from tinyme and sticker came off after first wash of uniform not impressed! Back to sharpie it is I think!

EB100 Sat 07-Sep-19 16:42:25 - stick on labels

Got suggestion on here before, and this is 2nd year I am buying them. Had iron on before which was no good.

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