Moving from Kent to East Riding

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Snausage Sat 20-Jul-19 17:48:52

Hoping that someone can help...
It looks as if we will be moving house, hopefully not until November but may be earlier. DS has a place at our first choice primary in Kent, but we will be moving to Yokefleet. It looks as if our nearest schools will be Gilberdyke, Newport and Howden. Does anyone have any information on these schools? I'm not keen on the idea of Gilberdyke! It will have to be an in-year transfer, but I don't know what the intake/subscription was for these schools and whether or not we'd get a place. Appreciative if any and all info!

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GoAndAskDaddy Sat 20-Jul-19 23:09:29

Eastrington may be worth a look? Depends also on plans for secondary as some of the schools you mention feed different secondaries. How well do you know the area?

Snausage Sun 21-Jul-19 08:29:03

@GoAskDaddy thank you for your reply! At the time of writing I didn't know about Eastrington but have since looked it up. I think that both Newport and Eastrington were oversubscribed so not sure it's worth putting them on the application? I like the look of Howden and North Cave, feeders for Howden and South Hunsley respectively, I think. I know the area vaguely (we have family in Yokefleet, which is why we're jumping on moving there, and visit quite frequently) but only in a visitor sense. Finding our son a "nice" school is paramount at the moment; the school he is starting in September is a lovely little village school and all of his nursery and preschool friends are going, too. He says he's excited about making new friends, but I think leaving will be a bigger deal when it comes to it, and I so want him to be happy!

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Ilovewheelychairs Sun 21-Jul-19 08:44:00

South Hunsley has a better academic record than Howden, although Howden isn't bad. All the places you've mentioned are lovely though!

GoAndAskDaddy Sun 21-Jul-19 15:36:45

Also need to consider if you need any before/after school care… Some of your mentioned schools provide this, some don’t. Presume you are in catchment for Gilberdyke… If you choose any others you will have to do the school run yourself (but I guess you know this!). In the long run, South Hunsley a better school than Howden I think.

Snausage Sun 21-Jul-19 16:23:45

Thank you both! We are very fortunate that dropping off and picking up can be done without needing extra childcare or clubs. I will be working in London and away for 2-3 nights a week and so will my husband (different nights!) but we have family nearby and my mum is also moving with us.

I'm just terrified for my poor little boy having to start a new school and make new friends. I know he'll take it in his stride but it is such a big change for him and I'm desperate to make the right choice for him.

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