Youngest starting school -how did you feel ?

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Mummyrj18 Fri 19-Jul-19 18:30:42

My youngest is starting school after the holidays and I’m not sure how to feel. Upset that we won’t have the same time together, or happy for a new stage in life. It’s making feel very anxious, worried I’ll stop feeling that closeness with her. Just generally have thoughts racing about my head constantly. If I feel happy does that mean I don’t enjoy being a mum anymore. I don’t even know if it makes sense what I’m writing 😣 any parents had similar anxiety?

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BackforGood Fri 19-Jul-19 20:55:57

It was wonderful
I dropped her off, went home, a had a lovely long uninterrupted bath grin

pastaparadise Fri 19-Jul-19 20:59:52

i feel very sad at the prospect tbh. I'm trying not to show it in front of ds, but the thought of far less 'mummy days' makes me feel a bit bereft. Think i will feel really bad when dc2 goes! I also worry for him as i think he will find it quite a tough transition.
Also rather worried how we'll get up and out every morning!

YeOldeTrout Fri 19-Jul-19 21:45:05

No anxiety here, sorry, joyful to get back into work.

Courtney555 Fri 19-Jul-19 21:48:01

Loved it. Finally, some me time. And my child having a far better time off learning and playing with other children than me... which whether my ego likes it or not, is how it is grin

dementedma Fri 19-Jul-19 21:50:21

My youngest has just finished secondary. The sense of freedom and getting my life back is overwhelming. Enjoy it.

Justaboutdone Fri 19-Jul-19 23:02:27

I can’t wait gringringrin


Justaboutdone Fri 19-Jul-19 23:03:43

I did feel sad before. But he is harder to keep amused and he is so ready for school.
He is so excited and that makes me happy

Dancetherain Fri 19-Jul-19 23:25:25

When my last (dc4) started I was mostly excited for a new chapter although I did feel a bit sad at losing that time we had together. It's been nice. I have gone back to work and everyone is growing up and I have much more freedom.

IceTippedMountains Fri 19-Jul-19 23:31:48

I was more than ready for it tbh, don't get me wrong I loved having her at home but I was looking forward to going back to work and getting some of my 'identity' back (and I had only been out of the workforce 2yrs!).

Not just doing parks, baking etc day in day out, got a bit tedious, and she was ready / excited to start school.

She has just finished yr1 (and DS year 4) and It's lovely when they come home and tell you about their day.

And no more bloody school and nursery run. Hallelujah.

That said poor DH, DSD has just gone into y9 and he is feeling a bit bereft, now she is hanging out with friends a lot.

Korvalscat Sat 20-Jul-19 11:47:28

Dc2 doesn't start nursery until September 2020 but one of the Mum's of a dc in dc1's class was doing a happy dance (literally) when she found out her youngest had been accepted for 30 hours at nursery. She plans to work more hours/work full-time but admits that she will miss spending as much time with her dc. I think her reaction is what a lot of people experience - happy to be getting away from cbeebies and toddler routines, a bit guilty for feeling happy and some sadness that things are changing and that the 'baby' is growing up. I expect I will be a bit of an emotional stew next year.

onemouseplace Sat 20-Jul-19 17:15:38

I can’t wait - full days to myself again!

I’ve had at least one child at preschool for 3 hours a day for what seems like years (3 DC here all quite close in age) and I have been really tied to my locality to do the lunchtime pickup and then school pick up.

Mummyrj18 Sat 20-Jul-19 19:07:01

I know I won’t miss the two different drop offs in the morning but don’t know what to do with myself. Whether I want more children or to focus on a career or job. Wish I could switch my over anxious brain off ! Guess everyone feels a mixture of emotions Xx

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Dandelion1993 Sat 20-Jul-19 19:35:07

I've loved DD being at school.

We had no tears on the first day and she walked right in.

It's such a wonderful time. They're off to learn so much and it's amazing how much they learn in the first year.

DramaAlpaca Sat 20-Jul-19 19:38:13

Honestly, I was delighted. More time for myself, and I was able to go back to work part time after 9 years as a SAHM. I don't feel I lost any of the closeness I had with my DC at all.

iamhopeful Sat 20-Jul-19 19:42:21

Honestly...I’m with you! Ds starts in September isn’t yet 4 and isn’t really that keen. I work part time so am planning to keep busy with things I haven’t done but have hoped to for the 6 years we have been juggling 2 children and childcare etc but I am so going to miss him!

AuntieStella Sat 20-Jul-19 19:46:44

Frankly, relieved.

Admin much easier all round, and home/work/family life balance improved no end.

It's exciting when your DC enter a new phase (wistfulness when a phase ends is usually very brief)

freshasthebrightbluesky Sat 20-Jul-19 19:46:45

I felt free and happy. So much so in fact that I skipped home and ate a biscuit in celebration!

HeyMicky Sat 20-Jul-19 20:09:24

Very pleased at the thought of the extra £900 we'll have a month with the end of private nursery, mostly.

Other than that, there's very little change since I WOH

Ithinkmycatisevil Sat 20-Jul-19 20:53:34

My youngest has just left primary!! When she started at school full time, I upped my hours at work as thought there was no point me knocking around the house on my own during the day.

formerbabe Sat 20-Jul-19 20:58:18

I was really happy...I'm a sahm so was looking forward to six hours a day to myself..bliss.

However, I remember being out and about and seeing mums with babies and pre school age children and feeling a bit of a pang that that would never be me again. However, I know how much hard work babies and toddlers are so was pleased to be past that stage in reality.

The thing is primary age children are still so young and reliant on you, plus there are long holidays to spend with them. It's not like your job is redundant.

avalanching Sat 20-Jul-19 21:01:03

The night before his last day at nursery I had a bit of a wobble, well, I cried profusely. I am not a soppy mum by any stretch and had no issues with my eldest, I've worked full time since my youngest was 2, so I suddenly faltered for the first time and worried I'd made the wrong decision all those condemnations of "you won't get that time back" over the years (as I didn't need to work). That was last year, but come September off he trot a well behaved, confident, happy, stunning little boy and I knew everything had happened the way it should, and I was fine. We were fine.

I think it's normal to feel strange at this time!

Babdoc Sat 20-Jul-19 21:04:40

I suspect this is more of an issue for sahms than working mums.
I didn’t see either of my DDs first days at school, as I had to leave on my work commute. The nanny walked them the 200 yards along the street to the village primary, just like she had previously to playgroup, and they were home again well before I got back from work. It was fun to see their excitement and hear all about it though.

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