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0gfhty Fri 19-Jul-19 00:24:11

Is a £50 Amazon gift voucher too much to give from one parent? It’s for a large reception with two teachers and five ta’s. Would this look over the top? Thanks

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taylorowmu Fri 19-Jul-19 00:30:19


NoSquirrels Fri 19-Jul-19 00:39:45

Is that £50 between all 7 staff?
About right but how will they split this Amazon voucher between them?

Or £50x7 = £350 total and £5o vouchers for everyone?
Batshit insane.

TVname Fri 19-Jul-19 00:53:55

I'd be thrilled with a £50 Amazon voucher (hello holiday reading) but it does seem OTT

0gfhty Fri 19-Jul-19 00:57:29

No it was just £50 for the whole unit. I guess I was thinking it could be spent on supplies or something for the classroom or whatever might make their work easier. Is this not the sort of thing that is done here then? I

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Elvesdontdomagic Fri 19-Jul-19 01:03:12

It's too much unless they're very special or have gone out their way massively for you. I gave a £30 sparkling cream tea voucher to my 4yo's 1:1 support teacher because she spent September to July following my autistic daughter around and playing going to bed in the book corner all morning most days! She was a legend and my daughter adored her.

namechanged2000 Fri 19-Jul-19 01:05:10

I think that's fine op if you feel they've went above and beyond for your child.


TVname Fri 19-Jul-19 01:06:28

I'm sure they'd be grateful to have that to spend on things for the class rather than having to use their own money for once. Go for it OP, it's very generous but as a gift for the class it's v thoughtful.

WildIrishRose1 Fri 19-Jul-19 01:07:07

If you're going to get a gift, why not get a small personal one? Book token? I'm not sure I'd like a voucher for classroom supplies. I might BUY the supplies from the voucher, but I'd like the choice. Many teachers spend huge amounts of their own money on supplies during the year anyway.

taylorowmu Fri 19-Jul-19 09:01:46

Oh right, sorry I misunderstood the OP.

No, I definitely wouldn't give a joint gift that then had to be spent on school. If you give a gift it's for the person, not the school.

Ithinkmycatisevil Fri 19-Jul-19 14:40:10

Whatever happened to a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine?

PixieLumos Fri 19-Jul-19 16:14:42

I guess I was thinking it could be spent on supplies or something for the classroom or whatever might make their work easier.

Although probably appreciated from a work point of view as many schools struggle with their small budgets, I wouldn’t class it as a ‘teacher gift’. It’s just a donation to the school.

widgetbeana Fri 19-Jul-19 16:24:06

As a teacher and a parent yes please do it!

Put in the card something to make it clear it's thanking the whole unit of staff and that they can buy whatever they need to make their lives easier!

I asked our preschool what they needed and they gave me a list of things that they would like. In the end a few friends and myself clubbed together and bought most of the list. It had a random collection of things, but all were greeted with great joy yesterday at graduation! (Big bag of nuts and bolts being one!!)

We also give each of the teachers a little box of chocolates and a card the kids had made.

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