Chislehurst vs Blackheath/Greenwich

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Daisymirc Wed 17-Jul-19 21:54:51

Hello mums

I am evaluating chislehurst vs blackheath/Greenwich to move to. DS is 1.5 years, so schooling and quality of family life are most imp parameters for me. Thinking of going down the private school route. DH and I both work in the city near Cannon Street.

Looking for advise/ personal experiences of you guys staying in either of these areas. Particularly interested in knowing if anyone compared the two areas before moving and what the findings were. Any recommendations on the good private primary schools? What are the key differences between the two areas - how can I help myself in picking one over the other?

Thanks very much in advance smile

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Darcybennett Thu 18-Jul-19 10:04:41

I don't really know Chislehurst but lived in Greenwich a few years ago. Both Greenwich and Blackheath are lovely family areas. I would say Greenwich is better connected transport wise but also much busier with a big tourist contingent all year round.

Don't know private schools but there are some very good state primaries in Greenwich; Conway, Halstow, Invicta, Meridian.

kirstywursty012 Thu 18-Jul-19 14:40:41

Chislehurst is absolutely beautiful. Its leafy, has lovely pubs and restaurants and is a great location for London. The nearest proper town is Bromley which is good for shopping and you can also get to Beckenham as well.

In fact - I was desperate to move there but opted for the bigger house in nearby Sidcup which is going through gentrification at the moment and very kid friendly.

Absolutely love this wider area, the schools are great and there are lots of Grammar Schools as well (not too sure about private but I'm sure there are definitely a few). Looking at about 30 mins for a commute.

I haven't lived in Blackheath or Greenwich but visit them regularly. Greenwich is of course lovely but SO touristy - especially in the Summer. Blackheath has a small village feel and fantastic train links but if you want more of the suburban feeling, Chislehurst would be your best bet and you would certainly get more bang for your buck.

Bexley may also be worth considering - the village is lovely and there are lots of parks and great places for kids nearby.

Good luck with the decision!

RicStar Thu 18-Jul-19 14:54:45

They are very different. Chislehurst is much more suburban whereas Greenwich is very london and busy. Blackheath is a london village. I would think the properties available at a given price are very different as well. Blackheath you could walk to a few different prep schools - but they are very competitive from what I understand. Chislehurst is a larger area so you are more likely to end up driving to school (although not necessarily) but perhaps slightly less frentic process to get a place. Both have excellent state schools in case tests for 3 year olds prove too much.

purifymymind Thu 18-Jul-19 22:03:01

One of the key factors that makes family life easier, is your commute. A short commute does wonders - more family time, less tired, not as stressed daily. For that reason I would go for Greenwich. Further, the ability to spend weekend after weekend in a given area is important, especially if you have demanding jobs and just want to relax on weekends.

chalkyc2 Fri 19-Jul-19 06:39:03

We have 2 boys who are both at (independent) schools in the Chislehurst area - there are lots of options. We actually live in Bickley just to the west on the way to Bromley. We also both commute via Chislehurst into town - very easy. No experience of Greenwich/Blackheath though for comparison I'm afraid!

KittyVonCatsington Fri 19-Jul-19 09:25:29

I don't think you can go wrong in either. Having just moved from Blackheath Standard to New Eltham (one road away from Chislehurst), schools are great in both.

For Chislehurst, lovely schools such as Edgebury, Greenacres, Montbelle etc are good - they do have the advantage of more green outside space the the Blackheath/Greenwich ones.

However, most of the Blackheath/Greenwich ones are rated outstanding and children do very well there too.

I would hazard a guess that you might find a slightly larger house/flat to live in, for slightly less money than Blackheath/Greenwich, which might sway it for you. However, the Chislehurst station is far from actual Chislehurst High Street, hence we moved closer to New Eltham station (which also goes to Cannon Street).


KittyVonCatsington Fri 19-Jul-19 09:29:32

A short commute does wonders - more family time, less tired, not as stressed daily. For that reason I would go for Greenwich.

Interestingly, it is actually quicker for me in New Eltham to get to Cannot St and Charing Cross than where I used to be (Westcombe Park and Maze Hill etc) because there are direct trains to London Bridge that leave out all the other stations. 20 minutes to Cannon Street if I time the trains right!

LaurieFairyCake Fri 19-Jul-19 09:30:52

You don't need private if you move very close to Blackheath station as it's in the catchment for John Ball primary - I know lots of people who have children there and they are very happy.

edgeofheaven Fri 19-Jul-19 09:39:13

Private schools in the Blackheath area include: Blackheath High (girls), Colfe's, Eltham College.

John Ball is highly rated but the catchment is tiny. An acquaintance thought they were sure to get in but their child's year was oversubscribed, they were reallocated to a school in a rough part of Lewisham (because Blackheath straddles Lewisham and Greenwich boroughs...if you're on the Lewisham side...)

JoJoSM2 Fri 19-Jul-19 14:11:40

OP, do you want to live in an urban area (Greenwich, Blackheath) or be surrounded by the coutryside (Chislehurst).

Both areas are good for the type of area they are but they’re very different propositions.

spickles Thu 29-Aug-19 13:28:18

Hi I have lived in Greenwich and raised my family here while commuting for both part time and full time jobs into Cannon street. It is lovely, we walk everywhere. within walking distance we have the park, river, museums (lots for kids to do on rainy days) a theatre, cinema, shops, and several travel options. It is only busy in the park in the afternoons on Saturday and Sunday - you will see mostly locals out in the mornings! State schools have worked really well for my kids and they have a range of abilities, so seem to cater for most. I would say main differentiators are house costs and the feeling of more green space you get in Chislehurst. friends who have moved that way have done so for a larger house, but schools seem to be all pretty good both areas.
Good luck!

DarlingOscar Mon 02-Sep-19 11:03:47

we're Blackheath. DC went to a local prep school. It has a village feel while retaining great travel links to London Bridge/Canon Street. Property prices have gone a bit crazy - but have stabilised a bit with Brexit. Good choice of independent preps Pointers/Blackheath prep/Heath House) and all through independents (Eltham College from year 3 looks like a great bet now) as well as some good primaries

We ived in greeenwich beforehand - it's more touristy and there's a lack of family homes with gardens - hence our move. It's a great spot though. Independent choices are the same as for Blackheath - so you'd have to walk up the hill. Or else live near Halstowe which is a great primary.

Finally -we did consider Chislehurst when we moved! It is even more
villagey and feels more provincial. Great transport links and a range of good schools. Bickley Park for boys in particular is a v impressive prep. get more house for your £ but only just. The one major upside of Chislehurst is that it's closer to the Bexley Grammars - which is why lots of people move there during the primary years.

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