Any good primary schools in Sutton (London Borough)?

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cuhk Wed 17-Jul-19 08:18:05

I would like to ask about good primary schools in Sutton (London Borough). Our kids will have to go for in year admission after our relocation from abroad next summer. Thank you very much.

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Hersetta427 Wed 17-Jul-19 08:47:54

You probably need to find out from the local authority what schools have vacancies first as there is little point in people recommending schools that are full up. Find which ones have spaces and then come back to the group.

cuhk Wed 17-Jul-19 18:06:56

From the Sutton vacancy checker, I can see the following schools have vacancies:

Abbey primary
Beddington infant
Beddington park primary
Brookfield Primary academy
Cheam common infant academy
Cheam common junior academy
Culver house primary
Dorchester Primary
Foresters Primary
Hackbridge primary
Harris junior academy carshalton
Holy trinity cofE junior
Muschamp Primary
Robin Hood junior
Rushy meadow primary
St dunstan cheam
St Mary catholic junior
Stanley park junior
Tweeddale Primary
Wallington Primary

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Orangedaisy Wed 17-Jul-19 18:10:07

I have absolutely no idea of the quality of the schools but they are located at significant distance from each other, particularly in time terms during rush hour. Have you somewhere to live or do you hope to arrange that once you have sorted school-I’m not really sure that plan would work.....?

cuhk Wed 17-Jul-19 18:10:38

And also:

All saints carshalton
Avenue primary
Brandon hill Primary wood field

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LadyFarnborough Wed 17-Jul-19 18:16:23

Do you know where you'll be living? Huge distance between the ones in Cheam and say, Wallington Primary which is up by Purley Way near enough.

Hersetta427 Wed 17-Jul-19 21:43:11

Do all those schools have vacancies in both years that you need?


Charliebigpotatoes Wed 17-Jul-19 22:00:31

Obviously depends on your location in Sutton but I know children who go to Culvers House, Muschamp and Victor Seymour. I've heard great things about all three. They are all fairly close together in the borough though, all around the Carshalton/Wrythe Green area.

cuhk Thu 18-Jul-19 01:59:38

Thank you very much.

We haven't decided where to live exactly, so we are researching which part has most good schools to choose. That's why we are looking into schools that are good first.

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MostIneptThatEverStepped Thu 18-Jul-19 02:09:48

All Saints Carshalton is very good.

JoJoSM2 Sat 20-Jul-19 20:10:18

I saw your Kingston thread but missed this one.®ion=319&la-name=sutton&geographic=la&for=primary

Cheam Common is obscenely academic with 44% children achieving higher level last year (one of the very highest percentages in Greater London and the country). Avenue is an outstanding teaching school and has lovely grounds and its own swimming pool (but it’s also possibly the biggest primary in the borough).
Many other schools are very academic and would be excellent options too. Some are faith schools so might suit if that’s important to you.

I know the borough and the schools really well and will be happy to advise.

What sort of place do you fancy living? What sort of house are you hoping for (ie 3 bed terrace or large detached with a swimming pool -different areas have different housing stock). Any commuting to consider? Do you need to consider secondary school catchments as well?

sonialo00 Wed 04-Sep-19 21:01:43

Hi I’m in a similar boat just lived into near Sutton station and has offer for Stanley peak junior and Cheam common Junior Academy academy.
Had a look online but not much info apart from league tables. My son is entering year 5 which would be a better option?

JoJoSM2 Thu 05-Sep-19 12:17:51

Sonia, count yourself very lucky to be offered either smile Both are sought after. See if you can visit to see which one you prefer. Or choose the one that is closer as you can't go wrong with either.

sonialo00 Fri 06-Sep-19 13:15:33

Thanks for that we’ve decided on Cheam common. Both is a good 15min drive from where we are hit really like the campus and the staff was really welcoming. Originally was going to hold on to see if Avenue (way closer) has space. However my son is 4th in the waiting list so decided to go for Cheam which has so good results and students seems really nice

JoJoSM2 Fri 06-Sep-19 13:31:46

Actually, I didn’t think of it when you first asked but Cheam Common is also a fab choice as they’re expanding. That means they are recruiting a whole class of 30 per every year group so your son won’t be the ‘new kid’ as they’ll all be new.

WhenDoISleep Sun 08-Sep-19 10:07:57

Are Cheam Common going to a PAN of 150 then?

JoJoSM2 Sun 08-Sep-19 11:34:29


90 to 120 I think.

WhenDoISleep Sun 08-Sep-19 11:51:15

The 120 PAN expansion is now all the way through - DS1 joined the infant school in the second year of the increased PAN to 120, he is now in year 6. The expansion rolled up from the infant school into the juniors, the juniors only expanded as the infants moved up into year 3, so for a 3 years there was a mix of 3 classes and 4 classes per year.

JoJoSM2 Sun 08-Sep-19 12:33:06

I'm confused... Their website does say they have spaces due to expansion.

WhenDoISleep Sun 08-Sep-19 13:22:04

I suspect there are a handful of vacancies in each year as you might expect in such a large school.

Bertieandernie Sun 08-Sep-19 14:10:32

Do NOT send your child to Harris Junior academy Carshalton!!!

karmi2010 Fri 20-Sep-19 10:11:21

What is wrong with Harris Junior Academy Carshalton? This is one of the schools I am considering...

JoJoSM2 Fri 20-Sep-19 13:22:15

Not sure what would be wrong with it. It does well academically and I know a couple of families who send their kids there - both happy.

karmi2010 Fri 20-Sep-19 14:00:01

Thank you JoJo!

You are so helpful, as always! smile

Toomanycats99 Fri 20-Sep-19 14:27:04

Sutton primaries are generally good. But you don't want to be driving too far as the traffic can be bad in the mornings!

I don't know whether the school will drive your house location or house location will drive school.

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