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Ahmawa Fri 12-Jul-19 10:57:48

I am racking my head what to do and realised only a week left.

Personalised mugs?

What do teachers find useful?

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Hollyhiggins Fri 12-Jul-19 10:59:51

I saw a thread on here a while back and one person suggested a good pencil sharpener. Lots of other teachers posted on that thread saying the idea was genius and would be really useful

BubblesBuddy Fri 12-Jul-19 11:58:33

I would get DC to make a home made thank you card. It means more than you spending money. Or organise a class gift so the teacher gets something that might be worth having! A pencil sharpener wouldn’t do it for me. What effort is your child making to say thank you? Get DC to do something.

OKBobble Fri 12-Jul-19 12:00:04

My teacher friend says please no more mugs!!

Pipandmum Fri 12-Jul-19 12:01:16

The mug is a total no! Make some fudge or cookies. Last thing a teacher wants is tat.

BringOnTheScience Fri 12-Jul-19 13:34:57

Please no mugs. We get lots. And lots.

The heartfelt note, handrawn card, etc - this is truly the best thing and well be kept.

Paddington68 Mon 15-Jul-19 11:47:46

A teacher friend of mine give everything back to the school.
Some other friends think this is crazy.
It is usually flowers, drink, chocolate. Reusable cups seem to be very popular at the moment.
Mugs are an often given gift.
Teachers usually buy tea and coffee for the staffroom, there is maybe a kitty.
One year parents, a group clubbed together, at a friend's school purchased tea and coffee for the year, delivered monthly which was a lovely idea. I have also heard about flowers being delivered monthly for the teacher's desk.


EffYouSeeKaye Tue 16-Jul-19 21:36:17

Yes to a nice handwritten card, but a bottle of Prosecco / chocolates / gift voucher alongside it never hurts!

Benjispruce Tue 16-Jul-19 21:39:16

A card from the child, no gift.

Lwmommy Tue 16-Jul-19 21:54:46

We did a £5 costa voucher each for teacher and 2 x TAs, figured it's coffee and a cake outside of school each.

Jamieson90 Thu 18-Jul-19 22:24:54

TA here, we all pay £36 (£6 per half term) into the tea, coffee, sugar and milk kitty to keep the staffroom stocked, so tea for the year sounds like an awesome gift.

The best gifts though a personalised ones from the kids. A thank you card and a letter to the Headteacher would be worth its weight in gold! Please don't spend loads of money!

Jamieson90 Thu 18-Jul-19 22:26:18

The best gifts though are that should read.

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