Alternative schools, Montessori?

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Qwertyguerty Wed 10-Jul-19 15:32:12


My daughter is 20 months old and we’re lookign to buy our first home. My husband and I would like her to go to a smaller alternative school, either Montessori or similar teaching style, and because we’re willing to move to a new area (within south west London) for the right school we’ve started looking!

Ive read all about the Acorn school in Morden and even though I do like it I’d love to find out about similar schools, can anyone help me with some more or maybe a way to search for them?

Or maybe if your children go there, could you let me know how they are enjoying it?

I’ve tried many word combinations in google but I get a lot of special needs schools, or expensive boarding schools!

Also, I wasn’t sure if this was the right place to post, or if it’d be better to post under a local thread? Thank you!

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Qwertyguerty Wed 10-Jul-19 15:40:33

Can someone delete this thread please, I had to repost with a new subject, thank you!

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