Kids in two different schools

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leafinthewind Wed 10-Jul-19 08:11:03

We've just moved house and we've got the kids in two different schools. The younger one has been offered several places and we've accepted one for September which is a little over a mile away. She's got four years left at primary, and we're very happy with the school.

The older one was offered two places - one 2.5 miles across town in a recently failing school, and one 4 miles out of town (in the direction of the youngest one's school). We've taken the rural school. But it's going to mean after-school club for her, because the pick-up times are awkward. (I can manage drop-off without resorting to breakfast club, I think.)

I'm not asking a question, really. I'm just feeling sad and guilty that it's turned out this way. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a closer place comes up for my eldest, but she's already started at the rural school (3rd day today), and no one likes starting afresh.

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SheldonandMama Wed 10-Jul-19 08:13:48

Frustrating isn't it!! I've got my three in three different schools. It's actually worked out well though. They each like their school, like the fact that their siblings dont attend the same ('it's all mine....) and seem to have the right place for them. Hope it all works out for you OP.

leafinthewind Wed 10-Jul-19 14:41:03

Thanks Sheldon. I can live with separating them - it's just the crap that comes with it. I know there are problems with it, but I'm coming round to the US system, where the local school HAS to take you, and bugger the overcrowding.

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ritzbiscuits Wed 10-Jul-19 16:24:24

How old is your older child? How long does she have left in primary (I assume)?

My DS is only 5 and does after school 3 days per week (so we can both work). He loves it and personally think there is no negative effect on him. Try to flip your thinking and look for the positives if you can.

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