Help advice needed looking for primary school in Leicester region (Oadby/Market Harborough)

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curran13 Sun 30-Jun-19 09:42:45

Hi I am looking for a year 3 primary place for my daughter who has SEN (ADHD/SPD) we are relocating from East Sussex. Her current school has a forest school I struggled to find one on OFSTED in the Leicester region?

I am currently appealing an EHCP decline in East Sussex so haven't done anything about finding a school or renting a place yet my job in Kettering starts in September 2019. I am contacting the council to see what places are left but can anyone recommend a good state school in Oadby/Market Harborough area for a SEN child I am looking for a mainstream school (i.e. a school that is especially understanding of SEN children)?

I will rent a place accordingly in the school's catchment but trying to figure out what school have looked at Ofsted and seen Launde, Brookside. Woodland, Brockshill for Oadby but I don't know if they are especially good for SEN children. I am not sure of the Market Harborough ones and which ones are best - the next battle being whether there is a place left or not for year 3. If I had an idea of the school by recommendation that would help though.

I am looking for an inclusive school for my mixed race daughter.


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