Infant Class Size Appeal - Has anyone won on medical grounds & any panel members with advice

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MamaLama3 Wed 26-Jun-19 14:47:20

I wrote a post a while back with regards to applying for an appeal for primary school as my dd did not get any of her choices and the school she has been allocated is not suitable for her needs.

I have now been given my appeal date for next week, and I am just grasping at straws for any advice or experience whatsoever that I might be able to use to help me in me hearing, so am keen to hear of anyone experiences in an appeal, especially if you have won. Also from any panel members that could give any further advice.

Go keep this brief, my dd has a visual impairment and is registered severely visually impaired/blind. The preferred school is a new building that was built with disabilities in mind. There are fewer steps, grippers on Stairs for visually impaired, classroom layout is suitable, outside space is one level with soft play flooring, and regardless of which year she is in, the plan is always the same so will not impact her in the future.
The allocated school Accessibility wise is totally unacceptable and another visually impaired child two years ago had to leave to another more suitable school due to these reasons.

My dd is also very sensitive and try’s to be independent. If she can’t do something she gets very upset and withdrawn as she feels frustrated at not being able to do it, so I fear that the lack of independence in the allocated school will affect her greatly.

She also lost her dad a couple of years ago (not through death), but this also adds to her insecurities.

I know a panel is not interested in the allocated school and only why she should go to the preferred school, but will this help at all if mentioned?

I have applied for the appeal under “unreasonable” grounds, which again, I know how tough it is to win, but I had mentioned in the initial application that the reason was medical and why (although I now know wasn’t even a criteria for the school so struggle to understand why this was asked). I also know the criteria to win under this is high, but what exactly is a good enough reason to win under this, as I feel a child that is visually impaired going to a school which is set up for that is a good enough reason, even though I read constantly that apparently it isn’t.

I have also seen that in year 3&4 they are currently over PAN at 61 each, and wonder whether they would have come from reception or not, but surely that shows the school can cope with an extra child?

I have had some great advice from the previous post, but hearing any further stories might be helpful, so thank you in advance.

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MamaLama3 Wed 26-Jun-19 14:50:33

Oh, I also thought I should add, that I have submitted a lot of evidence showing that the preferred school is the correct school, such as a letter from her senior ophthalmologist surgeon and senco at nursery both stating they believe it is the best school. Also sent the schools Accessibility plan, building layout, as well as other forms, all showing how it is set up for people with physical disabilities!

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BubblesBuddy Wed 26-Jun-19 20:00:14

Not an appeal expert but over PAN is common in KS2. Its YR-Y2 where class sizes are limited to 30.

I’m surprised she doesn’t have a EHIC Plan naming a suitable school. Have you been denied one?

MamaLama3 Wed 26-Jun-19 21:14:55


I was given very bad advice about getting an ECHP and am paying the price for it now. I was basically told that she wouldn’t get one at the moment as she is academically advanced. So basically she needs to fall behind before she got the help.
The council we are under is extremely under funded and it is a massive battle to get one, however I am planning on going for one now, although a little late for the next school term!

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