Newton prep vs hill house

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Philipd123 Mon 24-Jun-19 12:26:55

Hi my daughter is in state school currently and is in Year 3. We are looking to move her to either Hill House or Newton Prep as she is not being challenged (there is no homework ) and she needs to start preparing for 11 plus. She loves choir , is great at swimming and enjoys piano. Hill house is slightly easier in terms of the commute but this is not so important k

I was wondering if anybody has a strong opinions or preferences on either . Keen to hear views from parents,

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wowsaidtheowl Mon 24-Jun-19 19:03:33

My DD joined Newton in year 3 for similar reasons. We love it! It’s academically challenging but they put so much support in place so she could catch up (they work a year ahead). The staff are amazing.
Choir is very good, swimming less so (the half 2 half terms of swimming a year).
Ask me any questions.

slugsinthegarden Mon 24-Jun-19 19:11:45

NP has amazing facilities, a sensible and approachable Head and an inclusive supportive atmosphere for both kids and parents. Sadly swimming not really a school sport though there is increasing emphasis on Choir. Very strong academics too.

Philipd123 Mon 24-Jun-19 21:05:51

Hi thank you both for the input . Yes Newton definitely beats Hill House on facilities , Bigger area and more expansive classrooms , doesn’t feel so small.i think the music at Hill House is better though and it’s about 4K cheaper ...,

They seem both to have good results in terms of feeder schools but Hill House is far less selective on entry which means I guess they are doing a better job?

Having trouble deciding ! I think I will let my daughter decide for me ,

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BasiliskStare Wed 26-Jun-19 20:58:23

NP for me any day of the week grin but very very best wishes however you decide

SuperstarB Fri 05-Jul-19 12:20:15

I don't know Hill House well but this kind of thing is a bit dispiriting:


...interesting, considering Nicholas Allen moved to Hill House from NP.

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