Reception Place Wobble

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TimeForChat Sun 23-Jun-19 22:08:17

We have a reception place at a school we thought was very good. Now reconsidering. Has anyone appealed a place at second or third choices after offers were made. I’m also considering private, so if you have a view on private schools in Twickenham/Richmond that would also be helpful.

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Paddington68 Mon 24-Jun-19 07:03:39

Which school has your child got, what are the other choices?

RedSkyLastNight Mon 24-Jun-19 07:41:27

I don't know anything about schools in your area, but suspect you are already too late for a place in September (and surely the popular private schools were full a long time ago?). What are your concerns? Why not let your DC start and see how they get on?

meditrina Mon 24-Jun-19 07:41:33

As this is reception, it is highly likely that ICS rules apply (no more than 30 pupils per teacher anywhere in yrs R-2, unless the pupil has been formally accepted from the counting rules)

I am sorry to be pessimistic, but the only ways an ICS appeal can be won are:

- the admission process was wrong (impermissible criteria, or your application mishandled) and that error cost you your place. This does not appear to have happened as you were allocated a place at your first choice school

- or if the decision is so unreasonable it is perverse (in the legal sort of sense - a really high threahhold which simply would not be met when all that appears to have happened is that a parent has changed their mind

It is however still worth applying - get yourself onto the waiting lists of the schools you prefer. These are ranked by how well the applicant fits the entrance criteria (not time on the list) so you won't be going to the tail of a long queue.

CampariSpritz Mon 24-Jun-19 07:49:12

Which school & what are the specific reasons for the wobble OP? I’m in the same area.

TimeForChat Mon 24-Jun-19 08:48:14

I'm looking at GEMS Twickenham Primary Academy. I've heard really good things about it. Does anyone know it? I didn't apply there because it is quite new. Apparently I'm not alone as I have heard they still have spaces.

I think I'll check the school out and maybe make a late application if I like it.

If anyone has any first hand experience I'd really appreciate it.

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PantsyMcPantsface Mon 24-Jun-19 09:47:21

Not needing to go to appeal but we had a place accepted at one school for DD2 and then things went utterly to shit with DD1 who was already there. Ended up ringing around local schools to see where there still were spaces for September and just did an application via the LEA admissions department when I knew a school was likely to have spaces... missed most of the induction stuff but DD2 started their Reception there in September like all the other kids from the intake (and DD1 transferred across in her year group).

Later events and DD2's SN issues coming to light and comments from various professionals tend to vindicate I made the right judgement call in moving her - the school they ended up in (which I hadn't even considered for school admissions forms as it was normally over subscribed but the population's shifted somewhat) is absolutely bloody superb!


TimeForChat Mon 24-Jun-19 14:33:20

CampariSpritz, there was recently a pretty shocking article in The Times. I've asked around and it seems some parents are happy with the head and others really really are not. I want a happy school, first and foremost. It appears this one is clearly divided.

The school is the C of E behind Waitrose in Twickenham.

Also, it turns out the parents at her last school also put her in the paper. I think the pattern is very worrying. And her approach to discipline is just too Victorian for us.

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CampariSpritz Mon 24-Jun-19 18:28:39

That surprises me, as it is meant to be excellent. I did look around it, but it is a bit far for us (we are in St. Margarets). I liked the head and it seemed like a happy school to me. I haven’t heard anything negative about it locally. I wasn’t wild about the three sites, but if we lived closer, I would have been happy with it. We are starting at the one up the road in September.

In terms of private, I would only bother if you got one of the good ones (e.g. Kings House, Kew College etc). I wouldn’t bother with the less academic ones - you’ll be wasting your money, as the offer you are holding is for one of the best state primaries in the Borough (which in turn is the best performing for primaries in the country).

ForTheRecord Mon 24-Jun-19 21:26:04

That school used to be excellent. It is still banking on an eight year old oftsted. But the school has sadly changed very much in the last few years.

Orleans is a nice happy school. Wise choice.

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