Moving to new school year 5 - any views/experiences?

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Redlorrypurplelorry Sun 23-Jun-19 09:00:28

We’re moving house and have the chance to move to a good school close to new house. Older Dc will be in year 5, younger in infants. Elder DC has SEN, and has never been particularly happy at current school which doesn’t have much SEN provision. Potential new school seems better for SEN from what we can tell. Both Dc would hopefully make local friends in new area, go up to secondary with them etc.

The thing that is worrying us - and elder DC - is the social aspect - is it very hard to enter a school in year 5? It’s a fairly large school with quite a lot of movement in-out if that helps, and seems friendly.

Keep going back and forth, would be so grateful for any input, TiA!

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HolesinTheSoles Sun 23-Jun-19 10:39:20

It sounds like a move is the best bet particularly as elder child is not happy currently. My DC's school has always had a fair bit of movement. It's quite a nurturing school and tends attract kids who have suffered bullying or just not settled or just kids who have moved into the area. I find the kids settle quickly. As you get older obviously kids' friendships are less dependent on parents so it's not so important for you to forge your way into the mums' social groups. I'm sure the school can also advise you of some clubs or groups eldest DC can join to help him make friends - perhaps the teacher could suggest some likely possible friends after he's been there a while. Like you say local cubs groups or similar might help too.

In infants it seems to rarely take longer than a week or two for the kids to be totally absorbed into the class as if they'd always been there.

Redlorrypurplelorry Sun 23-Jun-19 16:54:03

Thank you @HolesinTheSoles! That’s really reassuring smile

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BottleOfJameson Sun 23-Jun-19 20:58:35

I second PP. I'd be reluctant to move a child in Y5 if everything was going well at school but since the support since lacking at his current school I would definitely go ahead with the move. My DC's school has some new DC and they usually settle in fairly quickly. The teachers can do a lot to help too (e.g. assigning a buddy to help them settle in etc).

Carpetburns Sun 23-Jun-19 21:22:33

I'm a Year 5 teacher who has seen many new children join our school over the years. Honestly, children are so adaptable. For the first few weeks, he/she will be swarmed by children, all desperate to make friends. After the initial influx, the children find their own friendship group and usually adapt very quickly. Good luck

Redlorrypurplelorry Tue 25-Jun-19 14:28:48

Ah thanks both! It's such a hard choice but we are definitely leaning towards moving them - they are also both now surprisingly keen on the idea... smile

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HypatiaCade Tue 25-Jun-19 14:37:35

When are you planning on moving? Do your DC play cricket? Is there a cricket club local to the school? Sport is a great way of meeting children. My DS changed school in Yr 6, but already knew lots of the children through sport so slotted straight in.


Pipandmum Tue 25-Jun-19 14:42:44

I moved my son middle of y4 - no issues we just moved. He made a conscious effort to make friends (saw some kids were into collecting pokemon cards so he started etc). After a few months he made his own friends.
My daughter moved middle y2 and had a much harder time adjusting as she was not very good at making friends. Hated her new teacher too. She’s fine now but still has a much smaller friendship group.
So it’s down to the child really. They have to make the effort - fake it til you make it!

RainOrSun Tue 25-Jun-19 14:44:42

We moved country, and therefore school, last week.
Second day at school today, and both Y3 and Y5 had kids coming up to them saying hi this morning.
The kids being keen is a good sign.

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