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how early should i register

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choufleur Wed 25-Jul-07 13:08:44

I've been told, by a friend, that I should register my 15month ds with the local primary to make sure that he has a place. What do people reckon? I think it's a bit early but i dont want to miss out.

ska Wed 25-Jul-07 13:12:25

you apply for a place in reception the year before (there is a national scheme and your local LEA website will explain it) but you need to try to get on the preschool and nursery lists NOW

ChipButty Wed 25-Jul-07 13:14:21

You can put your child's name down for school as soon as they are born. Most people round here do it at age 2-3. x

Mumpbump Wed 25-Jul-07 13:17:03

Ring the local primary and ask. Ours told me to call back after ds' third birthday and arrange a visit then... I think it varies from place to place though.

bundle Wed 25-Jul-07 13:17:20

we had to put in our application for dd2 (who was 4 in april) by the beginning of feb this year (though forms could be handed in any time after november, the previous yr)

NAB3 Wed 25-Jul-07 13:17:43

Too early. Most won't take details until your child is 3. It isn't first come, first served with a place.

LIZS Wed 25-Jul-07 13:20:32

No guarantee of a place even if you do now. Simply means you get sent the info from the school as well as LEA when applications come around the year he turns 4.

portonovo Wed 25-Jul-07 13:24:02

No schools in our LEA will accept a child's name until he/she is 3. Even then, they get no priority for early registration - the cut-off for applications is November (i.e. it is November 2007 to start school September 2008), and all the applications received by that date are then treated according to the set list of criteria.

Ask your school if you're unsure.

choufleur Wed 25-Jul-07 19:00:53

THanks everyone - think i'll give the school a call in September

Butkin Wed 01-Aug-07 23:23:18

Def go for it - nothing to lose. We put our daughter down at 2 1/2 to guarantee a place. We'd made the mistake of first going to her nursery when she was 2 weeks old to be told that she couldn't get more than 3 days a week as most children were put down before birth!

islandofsodor Wed 01-Aug-07 23:57:38

Unless it is a private school Butkin, putting your dd down at 2/12 would not guarantee a place.

All applications received by the closing date are treated equally.

mummytoamonkey Fri 03-Aug-07 09:22:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LIZS Fri 03-Aug-07 09:32:25

I think VA schools just like to have a register of interest for planning purposes, but it doens't actually make any differnence when the application period comes around as they have set criteria on which to prioritse the allocation of places at that time. No guarantees however early you "register" or by attending their attached nursery as the procedure to apply for Reception is completely separate.

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