So confused on what to do advice please!

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sunnyblueskies Wed 19-Jun-19 18:41:56

Mummas! So my daughter is due to start school this September. We accepted a place where we live. However, we are now going to move in with my partner who lives 3.5 miles away. I’m on waiting lists for schools near him but have been told it’s highly unlikely we will get in.
Where we be moving too it’ll take a good 40 mins each morning to drive to the school we’ve accepted. I will also have a newborn in tow. The traffic around the area is hideous.
There is a gorgeous private school round the corner, 2k per term, so it’ll be 6k per year. The reception year will be heavily subsidised as they can still use the 15 or 30 free hours until the term after they turn 5. I am by no means well off but it is doable. The thought of that travel each day is hideous.
We can’t stay in my area as I rent and he owns and can’t rent his place out for another year.
Would love some advice please!
Thank you xx

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minisoksmakehardwork Wed 19-Jun-19 18:53:43

When will you be moving in with him?

When we moved, we had to wait until we had a signed tenancy agreement before the lea would process the school move.

Given the crackdown by schools admitting pupils whose parents are renting in 'outstanding' school catchments just to get a place in the better school, rather than the requires improvement one across the road from their actual address, I can see why they are saying you currently might not get a place if there is no evidence you have actually moved but have a home elsewhere.

sunnyblueskies Wed 19-Jun-19 19:04:41

They’ve already accepted our proof and told us our position on the wait list.

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LIZS Wed 19-Jun-19 19:08:49

If she is not 5 until later in the year she could remain at home until a local place comes up. Unless you could afford fees longer term you could be stuck paying for a term or more as notice if a place came up.

Lonecatwithkitten Wed 19-Jun-19 19:12:37

Check how the fees rise through the school years. A rise at the start of KS2 is common when more specialist teachers are used. Look at average fee rises over the last few years and you going to find it hard to remove your DC if you get stuck with a big rise. Average is 5% per year.
Check school finances 6K per year is very cheap and with the increases in employers contributions to teachers pensions it could rapidly become not economically viable to run the school. There have been many instances of schools giving notice 3 days before the end of a term that the school will not reopen the next term.
Check whether are compulsory extras I looked at one school where lunches were compulsory, but not included in the fees and that was another £300 per term. Current school the diary is compulsory, but not included. And private health care is compulsory even though I already get it through work.

RedSkyLastNight Wed 19-Jun-19 19:41:29

I'd be wary as to why that "gorgeous" private school has a place in Reception to start in 3 months. Any financial worries?

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