Northbridge House Prep 2019 current views please?

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BeKindMum Mon 17-Jun-19 15:25:26

Hi there! Older threads on this school are pretty negative, but we have very few options and this school seemingly ticks quite a few boxes for us:
No need to move at 11+ or 13+
Apparently SEN is reasonable
Class sizes apparently 20 max

Please could anyone with recent experience of Year 3 upwards recently (and particularly since the new Head James Stenning arrived, provide their views? It’s such an important decision to make and it feels a bit blind at the moment...

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Findanotherpassword1 Wed 02-Oct-19 11:27:19

We had to move our child from Heathside at short notice - and she has loved it from day 1. She's been there for two terms now and so far we've been very happy. Lovely teachers and good organisation. I think this is a school on the up. And we were also impressed by the Upper School.
All the other parents I meed are very happy with the school too and children are cheerful.
Good luck.

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