Is Moving schools the answer?

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SunnyRhi Thu 13-Jun-19 11:09:45

I'm so torn in two about what to do regarding a catch 22 situation I find myself in.
We moved Countries In April and my son started school in year 5 after the Easter holidays. What's happened is it seems the two most troubled boys in his age group have taken a liking to my son, my son being the completely opposite of troubled, he's really sweet, respectful, and quite innocent and perhaps a bit naive at times. My son tries to move away from them but they seem to just want to be in his space and be friends with him. The teachers have said my son is so social and lovely, everyone likes him. These boys have been telling my son not to be friendly with other kids and also lying and manipulating stories as well as discussing some shocking topics of conversation I can't discuss without it potentially coming back to my son and possibly causing him to get in to trouble with these boys. These boys strike me as a bit dangerous, at least I have no idea what they are fully capable of. They seem to have an interest in knives and picked up one off the teachers desk and discussed using it. My son overheard as he passed the room. I went to see another school today and I'm thinking it may be easier to just move my son to a new school. I know it will have its own challenges and the last thing I wanted is to disrupt him at this point but he's not his usual happy self, I don't like taking him to school in the mornings. It just seems this new school is a lot less tolerant to misbehavior and far stricter and overall a better school in some ways. I don't know what to do. Move or not move.

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Cabbagesoupsucks Sat 15-Jun-19 18:17:58

Speak to the school about these potential serious topics and knives. Ask for your son to be moved class/away from playing with these other kids. Is there a chance they'll get to secondary school together? I find school can be a bit shite at acting on things like this. If that isn't a resolution the school will do, request the children in question be supervised at all times during lunch and break if you believe your child is at risk. Then look into moving him.

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