4yr old uniform - pinafores or skirts and recommendations of where to buy please

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Tootired1 Thu 06-Jun-19 11:30:58

My 3 yr old is starting school in September and I’m looking at buying her uniform. I’ve heard from some teachers that skirts are much better for little ones as many struggle with pinafores when changing for PE. However, some mums have told me that their little ones won’t wear skirts and will only wear pinafores. Please share your opinions/advice and any tried and tested recommendations of where to purchase from that wash and wear well.

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sleepismysuperpower1 Thu 06-Jun-19 11:40:13

I bought pinafores. if you get the ones with a zip down the front like these, they can easily do them back up again. are they allowed to wear trousers? perhaps they could be an option for PE days?

steppemum Thu 06-Jun-19 12:02:53

the problem with pinafores/dresses/skirts is that in the winter they wear tights.
reception age plus tights is a nightmare.

So I would get a pinafore with zip for autumn, and trousers for winter.

Tootired1 Thu 06-Jun-19 12:07:27

Trousers are not part of the girls uniform. I never even considered tights 🙈 That will be a nightmare. Hopefully they will tell us which days are pe so she can wear socks-even in winter 😬

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HildaSnibbs Thu 06-Jun-19 12:13:50

Could she wear black leggings and black socks instead of tights? I'm hoping my DDs will be ab to do theirs when we move schools in September as they hate tights!

steppemum Thu 06-Jun-19 12:14:21

Trousers are not part of the girls uniform.

and this is 2019? I didn't think any schools still had this. I would be asking for that to be changed as soon as possible. sexist rubbish

TheGirlWhoLived Thu 06-Jun-19 12:15:22

I got all of my uniform (including knee high socks if this is easier) from M and S, they currently have 20% off all uniform. I'm sure they will pick it up really quickly, and there is always TA's that can help getting changed for P.E in the first couple of terms


Sunshineonleith12 Thu 06-Jun-19 12:18:01

Pinafores look much smarter. I got DDs one from Debenhams, just a pull on/off one with no fiddly buttons

Sunshineonleith12 Thu 06-Jun-19 12:19:43

Most will struggle with the tights but the teacher will be used to this so don't worry

Closetlibrarian Thu 06-Jun-19 12:27:16

We did pinafores in reception as DD didn't like skirts then. Agree zip ones are easier. DD had overhead ones in reception, which she definitely found a bit tricky to get on and off.

I buy all uniform from either M&S (for skirts/ pinafores and summer dresses and tights/ socks) and Asda (for shirts). M&S has a 20% off school uniform sale at the moment. Quality of Asda stuff pretty comparable to M&S (fabric of skirts/ pinafores a bit thinner, but long-lasting)

GreenTulips Thu 06-Jun-19 12:29:33

Pinafores are fine if they have a front zip - avoid little buttons
Long socks would work
Kids tends to work this out themselves eventually

NotAnotherJaffaCake Thu 06-Jun-19 12:29:38

Pinafores mean tee shirts stay cleaner for longer. They soon get the hang of tights and a pinafore, and M&S do an easy dressing range.

Parker231 Thu 06-Jun-19 12:33:13

Definitely go with trousers, tights are a nightmare for that age.

golddustwomen Thu 06-Jun-19 12:34:00

My dd wears a mixture of skirts, pinafores and trousers. She's currently in summer dress with knee high socks today. I get all her uniform from Asda as imo they are lovely quality with a lovely bloody price tag! Especially as she's always coming home caked in mud, paint, chalk etc!

Parker231 Thu 06-Jun-19 12:34:39

Of course the girls can wear trousers, the boys will be.

golddustwomen Thu 06-Jun-19 12:34:55

Forgot to add - she wears trousers on PE days.

purpleme12 Thu 06-Jun-19 12:35:05

I would always go for pinafore dress over t-shirts. After trying skirts and t-shirts and seeing how ridiculously dirty the t-shirts get (and stained) we always go pinafore dresses. You've can't see how dirty the t-shirts are! You can get pinafore dresses that you just slip over you.

Tavannach Thu 06-Jun-19 12:39:12

Trousers are not part of the girls uniform.

Illegal surely?
I wouldn't send any child to a school with that attitude.

EugenesAxe Thu 06-Jun-19 12:43:49

My daughter wears plain navy leggings with socks, instead of tights. Not had any comeback yet. She's always had skirts and polos, with zip dresses in summer. I like M&S best.

purpleme12 Thu 06-Jun-19 12:43:58

I bet it just doesn't list them in the section for girls uniform on the website/list but they'll let them wear them. On ours there's a few they don't mention but as long as it's school committee colour or grey they'll let you wear them

pikapikachu Thu 06-Jun-19 12:44:39

Definitely pinafores. I bought the stretchy jersey ones that can be easily put on like a sweatshirt.


With skirts I worried about them falling down or the adjustable waist elastic being annoying.

purpleme12 Thu 06-Jun-19 12:44:56

School colour that should have said not committee!

Justajot Thu 06-Jun-19 18:11:23

I'd go with pinafores because the T shirts get stained (if they are pale). I'd recommend Asda's stretchy pinafores or skirts, much more comfortable than the non-stretch ones. I think they also do stretch trousers which we may try next year.

Hollowvictory Thu 06-Jun-19 18:15:27

Illegal not to let girls wear trousers.

sleepismysuperpower1 Thu 06-Jun-19 18:18:15

get her these for pe days. its very unlikely you will be told that she can't wear them x

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