Muswell Hill: Tetherdown vs Coldfall or private?

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Simcat8 Wed 05-Jun-19 21:09:48

Considering a move with three DC to Muswell Hill. One is already at school, so will be an in-year entry.

I want to move closer to the tube, so am looking at the part nearer to Coldfall or Tetherdown Primary. Anyone got an insight on how they differ?

From what I hear, Coldfall seems quite strict and academic (not fond of strict). Also was told that Tetherdown is full of pushy parents?! If you could choose either school - or private - what would you do?

(I need to book in to see them in person!)

And any idea on in-year entries for these schools, too? Or are they usually full to the brim even after year 1? And what the parents are like? (Good community, etc etc).

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malmontar Wed 05-Jun-19 23:28:13

As someone who worked in one of these (albeit in the office not teaching) I would not send my children to it. There are much nicer options that are more balanced and care more about the children rather than their beloved I wouldn’t be surprised if the ham and high will one day have a whole article on them. Coldfall does have a lovely playground though!

malmontar Wed 05-Jun-19 23:41:21

Sorry rather than their beloved ofsted.

Simcat8 Thu 06-Jun-19 09:00:07

That’s really interesting, malmontar! Would love to know what the other options are that you think are better? State or private.

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redstapler Thu 06-Jun-19 11:10:37

what age? Private schools in NW London are often very competitive, so in the absence of an occasional place you'd have to prepare for the 7+ or 11+, which will involve 1-2 years of tutoring.

Simcat8 Thu 06-Jun-19 22:26:59

redstapler - I’m definitely only interested in private schools that don’t require you to sit an exam to get in (though primary age). I’m looking for a school that nurtures all skills, not just academic ones (as cheesy as that sounds!).

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redstapler Fri 07-Jun-19 06:22:07

@Simcat8 I'm not aware of any non-selective private schools in NW London, it's just degrees of selectivity. If you want to look at less selective ones you could consider Northbridge House, St. Margaret's in Hampstead, Hendon Prep (but that leads to the 11+ which you may not want)


Debenhamshandtowel Fri 07-Jun-19 08:45:08

There is a girls school in Camden, Cavendish, which take sibling brothers until 7 and girls until 11. It’s not selective, as far as I’m aware.

Pinkkink Fri 07-Jun-19 09:15:58

The only truly non selective private school near Muswell Hill is Norfolk House which you couldn't pay me to use. If you go a little further north there's Salcombe and Keble. I'd go for Belmont even though they will take an exam it lets almost everyone through and is more a screening tool for SEN.

We have lots of friends at Coldfall who are happy. None think of it as particularly strict. There are plenty of "pushy" mums and lots of tutoring. There are equal numbers of mums who wouldn't know the reading log if you threw it at them. You really can't do better for a state secondary than ALexandra Park School for when the time comes.

Tetherdown isn't really a pushy school at all but has a very wealthy white tiny catchment. Their results have gone done in recent years and they don't have much space to play. There's also Rhodes Avenue to consider in MH.

redstapler Sat 08-Jun-19 08:15:39

I'd go for Belmont even though they will take an exam it lets almost everyone through

I know several children who didn't get into Belmont at 7 this year. They have around 200-250 applicants for 20 places. It is admittedly the back-up for many and so lots will turn down a place, but it's by no means somewhere you can just stroll into.

BettyDeYetti Sat 08-Jun-19 09:54:16

@redstapler That's a really misleading number though. Almost everyone who applies to the selective schools like Habs/Highgate etc will use Belmont as a back up.

redstapler Sat 08-Jun-19 11:10:00

Yes, and I said that in my post. But I know four children who wanted belmont as their first choice and didn't get in this year.

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