Nurturing primary school in Buckhurst Hill / Woodford / Loughton area

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jj321 Fri 31-May-19 09:05:21

We are currently living in North London in a supposedly 'posh' area and child at a relatively competitive prep school and we are planning to move to the Redbridge/Essex area to a more 'relaxed' lifestyle.
Given my child personality, I am looking for a small school with a nurturing environment and good pastoral care.
I have seen Oaklands school in Loughton that might fit the profile, have you any feedback on it?

Also, what you think would be the 'cultural' shock to move to this part
of Essex for someone who is used (and perhaps started to become intolerant of) posh, pushy and sophisticated north London?

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newmum0808 Fri 31-May-19 21:04:45

My girls are at Wells Primary - I absolutely love it for them. They're both thriving. It's a small (outstanding) state school in Woodford. 45 pupil intake..

newmum0808 Fri 31-May-19 21:06:36

Just realised Oaklands is private.... My daughter is in year 6 and going to Chigwell secondary. We selected it based on the pastoral care and they have a primary school too....

newmum0808 Fri 31-May-19 21:08:13

So....,.I've not answered your questions at all. I'm clearly not concentrating and in need of wine....

Sorry 😬😳🍷🍷🍷

Scarcelyburnt Fri 31-May-19 21:46:40

OP, the state and private schools in Redbridge are excellent. I'm sure you are already aware of that. In terms of you specific question about the vibes: you'll find it a mix but nowhere near as "stuffy" and competitive as North London. It is very Essexy but most of the people are meet are people rooted in working class backgrounds and who have done well for themselves.

I don't get drawn into this idea of class and posh or non-posh. I take people as they come. Your daughter will thrive at the schools there. From what I can see they are generally relaxed but expect high standards (within reason). I've spoken to several parents who sent their kids to Oaklands and had lots of positive things to say them in terms of pastoral care and making sure kids feel happy and comfortable but they also think that Oaklands are a bit too gentle and do not push the kids as much as they could academically.

Scarcelyburnt Fri 31-May-19 21:50:27

If you are environmentally friendly, you'll find Buckhurst Hill hugely annoying with the prevalence of gas guzzling SUVs clogging up the narrow roads and pumping a lot of pollutants in the air.

Many of the drivers can't manoeuvre these vehicles smoothly and have limited spacial awareness.

QueenofLouisiana Sat 01-Jun-19 08:29:24

Have you looked at Bancroft’s Prep? I’m an OB and would have loved to send DS there- living in Suffolk makes that a bit challenging though!
Not so sure about the prep department, to be honest, but the school generally has good, interesting opportunities, a proactive pastoral support system and a high level of academic focus.
It’s a very mixed school, I didn’t feel it had particularly posh vibes (I moved in from a state school). I came out with a much wider view of the world than I would have done staying in my previous school in a Hertfordshire.


Marchitectmummy Sat 01-Jun-19 12:12:09

Just outside the area you are considering however Coopersale Hall is a lovely school. Children can start at 2 in the early years section of the school. Less than 300 children up to 11. There is normally quite a waiting list however. Our girls attended a few years back, we moved too far for them to continue.

Marchitectmummy Sat 01-Jun-19 12:19:40

Oh and in terms of culture shock it depends what you are used to, I grew up in Primrose Hill, spent early adult years in Belize Park before moving to Essex and I loved the change.

I'm not a fan of Loughton or Buckhurst Hill, depending on your budget some of Chigwell is in a nice setting. There are some pretty villages between Epping and Chelmsford, we lived happily in one.

People are generally ex London and lovely if you don't approach with assuming the tales of Essex are true.

jj321 Mon 03-Jun-19 14:48:49

Thanks all for the feedback. Some interesting point out there!

We might also consider more Wanstead and Chingford areas at this point.

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ShopoholicIn Mon 03-Jun-19 18:22:11

Hi OP,
Take a look at St Aubyns as well if it's near your area. A very good school n very caring teachers

PenguinsRabbits Sun 09-Jun-19 18:24:42

Maybe Daiglen?

Littlepuddleducks Wed 26-Aug-20 15:53:40

@jj321 hi! Interested to know whether you made the move? Planning on doing the same from north London and in research mode before we put our house on the market in October. Looking for the same in terms of schooling too!

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