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tired and emotional

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Joanie Sat 21-Jul-07 15:29:51

DD that is, although im knackered too with all the stress of getting cards & pressies for various teachers & making sure invites for DDs birthday in 3 wks time were all delivered before school broke up.
Anyway, what i was going to say is DS is (was!!) in yr 1 and is still 5. She is shattered. They did a special buiding project all last week. She suddeley reasled she had left it at school DH helpfully metioned that the school was shut and that they'd probably thow it away! Cue 2hrs of tears and comments about how everyone is leaving (1 kid moving, 1 kid going private, classes being swopped around with several bfs separated and of course new teacher next yr, all other kids away on hols it seems). She was so upset she tore all her pictures off of her wall - I dont know why i did it mummy, I was just so angry - cue more tears.

Good grief anyone else's kids like this??
BTW anyone else going mad already after 1/2 day rain!!!!!!!!!!!!arggggggggggggg

christywhisty Sat 21-Jul-07 17:38:53

DD 9 is like this at the moment. Think she is a little jealous of DS11 who has just left yr 6 and had SATS, visits to new school so getting a lot of attention etc
Silly little things end in tears.She was supposed to get her ears pierced on Friday but I had to cancel because she made such a fuss about going to school on Friday morning and not getting dressed etc.
Even when we were going somewhere nice this week she has found a reason to cry her eyes out.

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