Mixed independent primaries around Chobham

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ConsideringSurreyMove Mon 27-May-19 22:59:38

Hi all, I’m new to Mum’s net and hoping for some advice. Looking to move to Surrey around Woking area for commute into London. With both me and DH working in London and a 6yr old DS and 2yr old DD, we need to find a mixed independent primary which would work for a drop off and commute from Woking station. Currently considering Chobham and Horsell for convenience of location and therefore St Andrews school. Does anyone have a view on doing a school run from Chobham to either St A or possibly Hoe Bridge and then to Woking station? Is it doable or mad at rush hour? Also considering Hook Heath or Worplesdon but unsure of school options round there which would work with commuting. Very difficult search given we are living in north London currently! Thank you in advance for any advice on both the commute side and actually the schools themselves!

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sleepismysuperpower1 Tue 28-May-19 14:02:54

have a look at ISL primary. It's an international school that serves the local area (so has lots of british students) but also has students from overseas. This means that the students learn to embrace other cultures. They follow the british curriculum, and it is a 5 minute drive to woking station so the commuting side would work too. the school also have a forest school. all the best x

GU24Mum Tue 28-May-19 14:33:45

Greenfield School is moving to the ISL site and is expanding (I believe) to two-form entry. That could be a good option? Depending where you live you may be able to drop at school by car then walk to the station (ie you could do that for Hoe Bridge/Greenfield) if you live around Park Road/the Hockerings etc or for St Andrew's/Halstead if you live in Horsell. If you live in Hook Heath, you'd probably want to drive to the station or cycle to the station.

Another option which is a bit more of a drive but I think quite good too in terms of traffic is Ripley Court.

Good luck with the house hunt!

ConsideringSurreyMove Tue 28-May-19 20:16:56

Thanks both for your insights. I’m sure I’ll have more questions once we come down to see the schools

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