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Colchesterborn Mon 27-May-19 10:52:21

Hi all

We're moving back to the Colchester area soon and are looking at private schooling for our youngest who is currently at nursery (possibly moving our 9yo into private too depending on the school). There seem to be quite a few schools in the area - Littlegarth, St Marys, Oxford House, Holmwood House etc to choose from. We've heard that OH really prepares children for the 11+ at any cost but we don't want this avenue for either of our children. St Mary's would be fine for our daughter but ideally we are looking not to split the children between two sites. I've seen Holmwood which goes up to 13 (?) but we're not sure what the main school is like - and they have a nursery. Littlegarth only seems to go up to Year 6 which would mean our eldest moving schools again in quite a short space of time.

We are really looking for both children to experience a fully rounded education and not be pounded through a strictly academic focussed programme. Does anyone have any experience of any of these schools? We're hoping to be able to go and look around some of them when we are in the area this month.

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sleepismysuperpower1 Mon 27-May-19 11:01:03

have a look at gosfield school. it goes up to sixth form, isn't academically selective and has loads of outdoor space x

Pookyal1981 Fri 31-May-19 23:34:22

My DD is going to St Mary's but my sister has a daughter at Gosfield's nursery and loves it. It goes up to sixth form so your oldest in theory wouldn't have to move, and there are buses from the surrounding area from reception upwards. I also toured around and liked the feel of it but it was logistically difficult for us. It has a new head who seems impressive and enthusiastic. Nice family feel. If they go to the nursery, you can get a discount on the prep fees too. Holmwood House has also reinvented itself this year and is moving away from just being a public school feeder. There is more emphasis on leaving at 11 if that's what you want and they have reduced their fees to be more comparable with St Marys and other prep schools in the area. They are also launching a pre-reception class in September. Unfortunately, they announced this all too late for us to consider it. Alternatively, I have heard very good things about Littlegarth. Quite a big school I think but good reputation. There is also Colchester High School which is mixed and goes up to 16. It is quite a small site in the town centre and seems to get quite good results, but not familiar with it personally.

raven99 Wed 24-Jul-19 23:09:08

Hello all. Needing some advise. I really can't choose between St Mary's School and Oxford House for my daughter who will be going into year 4. I do want her to have a go at the 11 plus. Do people know the pros and cons of each school and which would you choose and why? TIA

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