Times Tables year 1

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CasanovaFrankenstein Mon 20-May-19 12:19:15

Hi there

Looking for a fun way to practice times tables, musical would be great. Did buy one CD but it was pretty terrible, any recommendations?

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Xiaoxiong Mon 20-May-19 12:20:15

Multiplication Rock! It's from the 70s. Videos on YouTube, or the album on Spotify to listen in the car. It's not just times tables, it's also the properties of the numbers.

CasanovaFrankenstein Mon 20-May-19 12:55:11

This sounds VERY much in my wheelhouse - thanks! smile

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nonicknameseemsavailable Mon 20-May-19 13:25:43

we have a book called times fables. it is good fun

CasanovaFrankenstein Mon 20-May-19 14:50:11

Thank you, I’ll check that out.

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TheStakeIsNotThePower Mon 20-May-19 14:54:49

There is an app called 10 minutes times tables which is good where they race cars by doing their tables.

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