Best ways to practice KS2 maths for 11+

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krisskross Sun 19-May-19 08:58:04

Long story, so I'm not going to go into every detail. My daughter is in year 5 and has a tutor with the aim of passing the 11+.

I've been a but out of the loop (personal circumstances) and my husband does most of the work with her.

I'm now feeling better and more involved, we are coming to the conclusion that the tutor is not great.

It's late in the day but tips of best ways to consolidate maths would be helpful please....especially division.

Any other tips gratefully received.


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79abbot Tue 21-May-19 00:07:52

I would recommend a combination of Planet BOFA (online), Schofield & Sims, Bond Books and past papers. Good luck to your DS!

krisskross Thu 23-May-19 08:42:57

Thank you Abbott.

We have the books, I'm just wondering the best activities to make her foundations a bit more solid if that makes sense.


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MeMeMeYou Thu 23-May-19 19:23:15

I’d get cgp study guide to show which areas need to be covered with examples and a range of cgp, letter, bonds practice books to work thru the different areas, concentrating on any strands of maths she’s less secure on. 10 minute tests eg bonds are helpful to quickly test which strands of maths are weaker and to practise working to time and getting quicker (altho speed can be worked on later, work on understanding and accuracy now). Make sure times tables and mental methods are really secure and fast

MeMeMeYou Thu 23-May-19 19:23:35

Letts not letters!

krisskross Thu 23-May-19 23:21:11

Thanks meme you

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gemteaches Fri 24-May-19 10:51:59

When you say that you want to make her foundations more solid, are you talking about maths basic skills, such as number facts, times tables mastery, solid methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division?

I tutor children for the 11+ and these skills really need to be totally solid before you can build on them.


krisskross Sat 25-May-19 21:51:06

Thanks gem, yes, that's what I mean. I know it's very late for 11 plus, but regardless of that, I'd like her to improve in this area generally, so just wondering the best way to do this. Thanks

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