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Has anyone been on waiting list and not got place until start of term?

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mrsrdowneyjr Wed 18-Jul-07 11:30:06

Sort of self-explanatory. Dd has place at school around the corner and thinks she is going there. Waiting list for nicer-in-every-way school has not mved much, but apparently some people don't show up at the start of term or hold onto their place until the last minute though they intend to go private. school says it is likely there will be drop outs at start of term. This is so late in the day - would I really be messing with my child's head moving her at this point? Scenario could be she starts at school A for a week and is then offered place at school B instead. Has anyone been in this position and what did you do? thanks!

sarah573 Wed 18-Jul-07 14:51:41

Hi, not been in this position, but I would say if the school you are waiting for is lots better than the school she has the place at move her. Yes it will unsettle her in the short term, but Im sure after a few days she will be fine.

hippiPOTTERami Wed 18-Jul-07 17:44:46

As dd is only young I don't think it matters. My friends ds was in that situation a few years ago. He ended up doing two days at school A, then a place came up at school B and he moved across. It did not bother him in the slightest. In fact he probably made more friends that way as he was an 'exicting newcomer' rather than one of many starting at the same time.

Millarkie Wed 18-Jul-07 18:07:36

Ds was on the waiting list for 2 local schools - he was offered one on the first day of term ( I literally took off his school A sweatshirt and took him along to school B instead).
He was offered a place at school C (our 'catchment' school) just before they broke up at Christmas but we turned it down as he had settled at school B.
We know a lot of families whose children moved schools during their reception year. The children seem to cope with it better than the adults

MadEyeMisdee Wed 18-Jul-07 18:12:10

had to wait almost a year for a place for dd1 at the school we wanted.

hoxtonchick Wed 18-Jul-07 18:13:49

ds was offered a place at our first choice school 2 weeks into the autumn term (we didn't move him, & it was the right decision). there will almost definitely be children who don't turn up at the start of term. do you know where she is on the waiting list?

roisin Wed 18-Jul-07 18:24:00

We expected to be in this position, and said we would move ds1 a couple of weeks into term if necessary; despite all the disruption (house move, new friends, starting school, uniform, etc.) because the waiting list school was THAT much better.

In the event we got a phone call on the last day of term to say there was a place for him

hana Sat 18-Aug-07 04:39:48

my daughter started at one school - did 2 mornings and on the third day of school started at our first choice = I was prepared to wait until the first half term to get a place.

Ladymuck Sat 18-Aug-07 09:34:37

Moves during reception, and in particular the first half term of reception are very common round here, too. It is not the end of the world to move a child in reception imo, and schools are great at integrating new pupils in.

mummytoamonkey Thu 23-Aug-07 16:11:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

amicissima Mon 27-Aug-07 20:07:55

My DS got a place at the end of Reception and moved for Year 1. It was no problem. After all, he had to move from Nursery to school the year before.

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