Moving to Madrid - Public english school?

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SophieC31 Tue 07-May-19 23:38:53

We are a french family, living in UK since 2 years and moving now to Madrid in Spain.
Our 2 kids (7yo, twins) are now in Year 2 here in the UK and we would like to maintain them in an english environnement even in Spain.

Due to the cost of private school, we are looking for a state school with good level of English.

Does anybody know a good english state school in Madrid?
Any advices regarding this change, an feedback on a similar situation is more than welcome ...

Many thanks.


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LiliesAndChocolate Wed 08-May-19 07:47:00

Hi Sophie, you need to have this discussion moved to or start a new discussion there, as you might find MNetters living there.

We used to live in Barcelona and there was no English state school, nor worse Spanish school. All public schools in Barcelona were Catalan so we opted for an international school.
You might be lucky in Madrid

SophieC31 Wed 08-May-19 09:10:32

Thanks LiliesAndChocolate.
I C/C my message on the right section however I don't know how to have this one deleted.

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LiliesAndChocolate Wed 08-May-19 10:04:21

No big deal, there are tons of double discussions.
Good luck with your research!

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