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Alan ahlberg leavers song

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maisiedaisy Tue 17-Jul-07 20:57:30

Please help! My year 6 have their leaver's assembly tomorrow and I want to use Leaver's Song. Having a slight panic now as I cannot find my copy. Hoping somebody will be kind enough to post the words on here for me.

maisiedaisy Tue 17-Jul-07 21:05:01


pyjamaqueen Tue 17-Jul-07 21:07:23

Is it the one that goes
'This is our leaver's song
We're proud of what you've done'...etc?

Don't have it with me but it's in one of those assembly books, will try and find out which one.

maisiedaisy Tue 17-Jul-07 21:10:00

Yes that's the one!

satine Tue 17-Jul-07 21:12:59

Sorry, no help atall but I just wanted to say how much I love the Ahlbergs.....
I read Peepo to my ds every night for the first 2 years of his little life, and I can still recite it by heart....
And now he loves Funny Bones and The jolly postman!

MegaLegilimens Tue 17-Jul-07 21:15:38

You'll set all the mum's off you know. I always cry at the leavers'assembly when they sing that song and mine are still in the infants

pyjamaqueen Tue 17-Jul-07 21:17:28

I know it's in one of the 'Songs for every...' series books - I think it's the green one, Songs for every assembly, or might be the blue one, Songs for every season! Sorry, that isn't much help! Will keep looking - I might have it somewhere.

MrsBadger Tue 17-Jul-07 21:18:56


maisiedaisy Tue 17-Jul-07 21:19:54

Thanks pjqueen.

maisiedaisy Tue 17-Jul-07 21:22:23

Thank you Mrs Badger! A life saver!

pyjamaqueen Tue 17-Jul-07 21:22:36

That looks like the one.

MrsBadger Tue 17-Jul-07 21:24:32

good old google!

Berries Tue 17-Jul-07 21:34:58

Pity they couldn't teach them the difference between their and they're before they left

DD1 will be leaving on Fri so will be there with the tissues. DD2 at a different school so will be end of an era for me.

WendyWeber Tue 17-Jul-07 21:42:38

Do any of you know "We are the young"?

(I assume this is the right one)

All my kids sang it through primary school until the old choir mistress left and it always broke me up:

we are the young, the children of the world
we hold tomorrow in our hand
we are the young, the promise of a brighter day
the future waits at our command
teach us well, teach us how to care
give us love, love that we can share
as we walk hand in hand in the light of the rising sun
we are the young

I can't remember any more of it just now but it's a beautiful song for all KS2 children and esp the leavers.


dmo Wed 18-Jul-07 11:01:47

what tune does it go to mrsbadger?

foxinsocks Wed 18-Jul-07 11:10:27

ours sing that 'one more step along the world I go' which almost always has me wanting to burst into tears

(have visions of them marching off into the big bad world holding hands!)

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