Outstanding state school or private prep?

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Anita22222 Mon 06-May-19 07:00:41

We were going to send our DD to private prep school, Oxford House in Colchester if anyone knows but got a place at Hamilton, outstanding state school. Private prep is renowned for pushing kids hard and sending quite a few to local grammars. However competition for grammars is so fierce here that we are wondering if we would be better off sending our DD to Hamilton, topping it up with tutors and putting aside money for private secondary. Does anyone has experience of any of these schools or has been in a similar situation?
My concern is that if we go Hamilton, DD will miss out on better quality education and might potentially struggle getting into private secondaries or struggle to catch up while there as even though state school is outstanding their results have gone down somewhat in the last few years and they won’t be going a year ahead like private prep.

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MrsPatrickDempsey Mon 06-May-19 07:14:39


I live in Colchester so know the schools you refer to quite well although neither of my DC went to either.
The 11plus success rate of Oxford House isn't guaranteed. If your child is suited to grammar school they will probably secure a place regardless of their primary.
I use my own experience as point of reference. DD was at a good (not outstanding) primary in Colchester. She had no tutoring and secured a place at CCHS.

shellysheridan Mon 06-May-19 07:47:53

The teaching will be no better at the prep school but the classes will be smaller and resources better.
I'd choose the state school

Anita22222 Mon 06-May-19 09:29:13

Thank you for sharing! I just posted on another thread where another mum said the same thing. I’m coming to conclusion that it will be better to put aside money for private secondary, at least that will be more guaranteed. I don’t like all that rat race for grammars either.

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nevertol Mon 06-May-19 09:59:12

Different area but we went state for primary and are going private secondary. Anecdotally of course but my child is achieving stronger results than many of her prep peers.

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